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Why does my family keep treating me bad?

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My family logged into my zoosk, Yahoo Answers, Match, and facebook accounts and got them all suspended. They realized I was posting a plea for help on the internet from people who wanted to harm me or mistreat me. And when I went to report them to the police they kept trying to say my mom provides for my son. And that he is my father and so I can't disrespect him. Is the police stupid or something? Why are they always siding with my attackers? Maybe there's something going on I don't know.

Now I'm stuck with this so called family of mine. And my mom always dresses me up badly and poorly like an old woman. She never allows me to do anything. And whenever she sees me grooming myself and putting on make up and combing my hair, she says " Yep, that's all she knows is dressing up and putting on my makeup then all she does is eat and sleep". So I began to think to myself one day and said all my peers their parents let them have boyfriends at a young age. The girls at my church, their parents dress them to impress, they wear high heel peep toes and stilettos with expensive designer dresses. And drive big cars. And all the boys I have a crush on shove me away for them. I on the other hand they keep sewing African cloths into dresses and want me to speak my native language instead of English.

They bought my brothers True Religion and jordans, and my sister Ralph Lauren and Apple Bottoms. Yet I on the other hand they dress me up badly and poorly and they never bought me anything expensive. If I try to complain, they call me an ungrateful person and that I'm not their daughter. They go on hurting my feelings and I can't take it anymore. I hope they all fucking die and burn in hell shit!