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How to tell my parents I'm dating an older guy

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I'm 13 and he just turned 16 we are only 2 and a half years apart and I don't want it to be a secret. I really want to tell my parents but they are really really strict and I'm afraid they will make us break up. Before we started dating we acted like a couple to see what it was like, a lot of people said it was weird the way we acted with each other and told us to stop talking. He said he can never stop talking to me after we didn't talk for a week because it felt like my heart was ripped out. I really feel like he is the one because he says he wants me to be his first and he said he's willing to wait however long it takes. He's such a sweet boy and I feel that my parents will like them but I'm just so scared on what they will say, I can't lose him again because I don't know what I would do if I didn't have him. And I don't want to keep our relationship a secret till I'm 16 and not be able to show my feelings for him in public. The only reason people thinks its weird is they only think about our grade difference he is in 11th and I'm in 7th but they don't think about our AGE. Please help I really love him and don't want to lose him because I'm a pretty girl and if guys ask me out and I say no all the time till I'm 16 people are going to be asking questions especially for the type of girl I am....