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I think my sister and female relatives came to take my place?

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I need your advice on what to do. I have something serious to tell you. My whole family keeps treating me bad and starting trouble with me. But then when it gets to my younger sister they call her cute and buy her expensive brand name clothes and designer clothes. My aunties hugged her in front of me yet they never talk to me. And she isn't respectful. She talks back to me and tries to fight with me and whenever I try to retaliate my family calls me jealous and gangs up on me. My younger sister once kissed my 2 year old son in the mouth and I threatened her not to teach him bad things like kissing because he's my son and I love him. She roughed play with him and was pulling at his arms and threw him on the bed and I screamed on her to be careful because she can hurt my son and play nice please.

All of a sudden my mother entered the room and told me my younger sister treats my son better than me and that she's the only one who plays with him. And how do I play with him? So I responded by saying I don't rough play with him because I don't want him to get hurt. They keep teaching my son bad things like a group of wicked people. But don't you forget that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. The fact that he's not their son makes it ok for them to push him away, show him pornography, and they don't even buy him nice clothes. After that my parents and brothers forced me to go and pick up my little sister from school after she disrespected me and said I wasn't pretty.

If you don't believe me go on my brothers, cousins, and auntie's facebooks. They have all these pictures of them and my sister together yet none of me. They don't even talk to me and they think I'm stupid to fall for their apology. And whenever my parents see me listening to American music videos on youtube they try to force me to change the song to a Christian song or church crusade. My parents dressed me up badly my entire life and sometimes they abuse me. They also called me a witch and held me down and was beating and ganging up on me. They threw me out of the apartment and when I tried to go back and save my son my father smacked me in the face. He raised his voice on me as if he was about to abuse me or kill me.

And I ran out of the house and went to the nearest police station and told them what happened the police sent back up along with me and when we reached the apartment my father opened his dirty mouth and asked me what the hell I was doing there. And if he didn't warn me not to step foot in his home again. They want me to be homeless and sleep in the streets. God will punish every single one of them 30 times full and they will reap what they sow. They brought another girl from Ghana into the apartment and she never talks to me. Whenever she asks me a Question she speaks in a demanding tone and screams on me. And she always insults my 2 year old son and pushes him away from her.

And if I was to treat her son that way would she like that? Because me I'm a nice person and I've kept my mouth closed she probably thinks I'm scared of her. They aren't even attractive. And everyone keeps befriending the girl and communicating with her. Yet me when they see me all of a sudden they roll their eyes at me and give me dirty looks for no reason then they wan to bully and fight me. Do you know that everyone ignores me all the time and I have no friends? That why you always see me alone by myself. So what should I do? Those females from my country and family came to intimidate me and overshadow me but I know God is with me and he will turn their intentions around on themselves.

And they also made me feel bad about myself like I wasn't attractive or feminine enough. And they are one of the reasons why guys never approach me. They wanted me to marry a poor Ghanaian mechanic who lives in a broke down town in Ghana. So they can switch places with me and come to America and marry American boys who are rich and well known. Then they made guys ignore me for them and say eww to me and shove me away. They called me a guy and talked to me in slang and in a rough disrespectful manner. But when it gets to my female relatives, classmates, and church members they flirt with them and treat them with respect. And yet they know I don't talk to people in slang or in a disrespectful manner. They also know I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs and I always cover myself. They probably charmed them or said something about me to them I didn't hear.