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Can't talk to my mother about anything

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I recently went to the doctor and found out something that really made me upset, not as in angry but sad. I tried talking to my mother about my issue and how scared and upset I was but he basically called me crazy and said I think too much. That really made it even worse because my own mother, the woman i thought I could come to with any problem had just said I was being stupid about this medical issue. Its not her body, she's not me, so she has no idea how I'm feeling or what it feels like to go through this issue. I honestly lost trust in my mother because if I come to confide in her over a serious personal issue and she basically just makes a stank face and says im crazy,and doesn't take it seriously how I'm feeling...I don't know what to do. Other reasons are that personal issues mainly regarding female health that I have come to my mother about, when I'm not there she tells me father and I find it pretty disrespectful an embarrassing. Yea I get that he has a wife and knows about some female problems but I don't want him explicitly knowing what's going on with my body. I cry about this all the time because my mother WAS the only person I could turn to with this issue or other problems, I don't really feel comfortable talkin about it with my friends, and my sisters too young to understand right now. So I just feel alone right now especially since I can't even talk to my own family about problems im having.