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I told my mom i was suicidal- what do I do now?

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So this is what happened yesterday: My mom came home pissed and started yelling at me because the house was dirty (In a rather harsh way). She told me to clean the dishes, and when I was done with that my room. When I was in my room, I started crying. She asked me "What the fuck are you crying about?!". I lashed out at her, screaming I was miserable (I told her I was depressed before this and she blew it off), I wanted to kill myself and I didn't know what was stopping me from drinking every bottle of bleach we had.

As a side note, my mom took me to other therapists but I didn't want to go, because I felt (Still with me here?) ashamed. I hate pity

She started to cry, asked me if that was really the case and I said it was. We just sat on my floor, both of us crying for a bit. I apologized for putting so much weight on her. She said I wasn't putting weight on her, and that she loved me more than anything. She said that tomorrow morning she would look for a real therapist and this time I was going, no excuses. She also said that she needed to think about this, and went out of my room.

This happened yesterday, and it's now 10:23 in the morning. When I woke up (A bit after 10), she wasn't at home, and she still isn't. He laptop is gone, too.

So, what do I do now?