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How not right is it for someone to blow off their own family member's funeral but go to a funeral for someone they've only meet a few times?

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This is just making me fume. I know someone, can't call a friend anymore because they've changed so much they're like a stranger now, how hates funerals and anything sad like that. They avoid it as much as they can. They even blew off their own cousin's funeral (note, it's a close knit family). But now they've blown off plans they've had to go to the funeral of someone that they met only once or twice and have even admitted it's someone that they really never knew. Is it just me or is that screwed up as heck? Isn't that like putting someone else's family in front of your own? It's seems very wrong and kind of disrespectful too. If I was his family, I would be very upset that he couldn't make time for his own family but did for someone else's. Does this seem wrong to anyone else?