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What should I do when my sister is mean to me?

What should I do when my sister is mean to me?


Does having big boobs affect older brothers?

Does having big boobs affect older brothers in any way?

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Why does my little sister do this?

My little sister and I share a room. One night I walked after a bath and I was naked. I didn't knowshe was in there. So she looks at me and says ooo your private I want to touch it. I was like WTF! Everyday since then she has been like Aubree let me s...

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What age should a boy stop seeing his older sister in the bath?

I'm 16 and my brother is 11.. he still comes into the bathroom while I'm in the bath, and I find it disgusting to be honest
Do you think it's inappropriate? If so, what age should a boy stop doing this?

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I caught my sister watching porn

Ok I caught my sister watching porn I was mad and why would a eight year old girl will be watching porn on the computer. I was like WTF. I was wondering if I should tell my parents because I caught her watching porn like 6 times...But how did she got t...

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What to do when your sister is acting like your mum?

Well my sister is 20 so 2 years older than me and from the age of 16 shes tried and acts like my mum when my mum is even in the room and now its started to annoy me as I only have one mum but my sister is acting like my mum tooo.
And I know my mum real...


How normal is it for a sister to let her brother see her naked?

I've got a friend who apparently lets her slightly older brother see her naked when is like in the bathroom or changing clothes and she thinks its normal, so I decided to make this question on here to show her that it really isn't normal. Do you know a...

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How do I talk to my sister after this?

I am 14 years old. My sister is 17 and I think about her a lot not in such great ways. I was going through her room the other day and found a naked picture of her that I stole. A few days later I was in her room again with the picture going through her...

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mother-in-law and the sister-in-law

My MIL favors her other daughter in law. They talk by cell and email all day. They gossip and talk about me and my flaws as a person. How do I know? I just do b/c I will say one story to my SIL and then my MIL will ask a question. Over the years I have...


Why would my sister in law be so horrible to me?

The most recent thing my sister in law did to me has hurt me beyond repair; she literally went to such extreme efforts to hurt and exclude me that I had no idea how horrible she really is until now and I don't know how to handle it. She has always had...


Nude in front of Family Members

I am a 20 years old Boy. I live with my Mom,Dad and two elder sisters. I love to stay nude in front of my family members,
Should I consult them all before I start doinf it ?

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How can I get my parents out of the house?

My mom doesn't work, and doesn't like to go out much, but I want to invite my boyfriend over while she and my dad are out, but I never seem to be home alone!! Also, I need to get my sister out of the house too!

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Why are my parents making me pay rent & I'm only 16 ??

My parents are making me pay rent & I'm only 16 =/
Okay, I'm 16 and turning 17 on December 20th, I'm a minor.
Isnt it illegal for a minor to pay rent & Bills???
And there having me pay half of my insurance, When I don't even have my own car.
My own cel...


How do I get my dad to stop yelling at me when I dont do anything

Sometimes I just say something and my dad yells at me it makes me mad and is so annoying because I did nothing he barley yells at my sister but he always yells at me when I just try to say something or say something to someone else like im asking my mo...


How can I get my Mom to buy me a bra?

Hi everyone I really need some advice into getting my mom to buy me a bra. I just dont know what to say or ask her, or even how to do it! All my friends have a bra eccept for me, and I feel so left out. And plus whenever we're at gym and we're running ...

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My mom does not allow me to do any kind if hair removal on my legs.

Alright so, last year I sneaked behind my parents' backs by shaving my legs with an eybrow shaver. & I used that kind of shaver ( I know it's not a proper good shaver to use) but I like the way my legs feels. It was smooth and hair free! Until my fathe...

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Is it legal to move in with my 21 year old boyfriend?

Okay. Here's the deal. I'm 17 and I have a 21 year old boyfriend. We both live in Texas. And we have been together for seven months. Which means we were together when I was 16. My parents hate us being together. I hate living at home with their constan...


How can I get my parents to stop being mad at me?

im reely sad, and depressed. ok yesterday was halloween for me and I didnt want to go trick or teating so I agreeded to my dad I would go to just walk around and watch my little neighbours get candy. my dad and my neighbours family went out and my dad...

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