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What is best way to give a girl an orgasims with the tongue?

What is best way to give a girl an orgasims with the tongue? What is the fastest too?

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How can I give my boyfriend head with my tongue pierced

How cam I give my boyfriend head with my tongue pierced?
Also... Kind of random can I chew gum (blow bubbles ) hehe

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What is tongue tornado?

I want to know it's definition and procedure of the tongue tornado, in the movie american pie the talk about it. Please if anyone knows, I m listening.


What to do with your tongue when kissing?

when you make out what do you do with your tongue I've almost made out with a couple peeps but I chickened out because I dont know what to do with my tongue o and dont think im a retard im not realy 18 im 15 ! ! !

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Is it OK to start kissing at the age of 13?

I'm thirteen and
I just got my first boyfriend... he's goth I'm sorta like an emo and I guess we both makes each other happy
and 2 days later (when we started going out) we already start kissin (which was both our first kiss)... like 2day he keep o...

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I sucked his finger after recieving...

After my boyfriend fingered me for the first time, he traced my body with his finger and went to my face tracing it, I sucked his finger like I would his pen*s, swirling and rubbing my tongue up and down. I was wondering if that was a good thing to do,...

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