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mixed crush signal? should I be brave and talk to him again?(long)

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basically I have a crush on this outgoing guy at my school. We used to be classmates the year before and I used to be very shy so I when he talked to me I couldn't keep up with his conversations or anyone in that class really...I felt I was quite mean during that period because it seemed like I was ignoring or just disinterested... Later we just didn't interact much anymore. As a new school year came up, I did not have any classes with him but I saw him during lunch, hallways. It was awkward, cause we just glanced at each other and just walked. One day with his friends as I walked past he popped out and said hey and shaked my hand. Then we just parted. After, I became a bit braver so I decided to greet him during hallways and he looked real surprised and said hi back to me, but after that whenever I greeted him he just nodded or didn't greet me back or tried to at least once(but my buddy said he backed out of greeting me and just said "i know her"). After quite a few defeats(since he didn't greet back or show signs) I lost confidence and we didn't see much of each other. But I would see him sitting tables quite close to my lunch table. Or glances would be felt...and his friends sometimes seem to glance at me since they know me as the girl who greets him. we have a similar sport, we sometimes bump into each other and he would either look away like he hadn't seen me, look down at his shoes, or quickly glance at me and walk away with a composed time he finished early he was sitting and I saw him from afar so when I left for the direction he was sitting in I knew how to act like I didn't see him and I realized as I walked, there were footsteps but I didn't bother to look behind cause I thought it was another student. But as I got into my ride, the person who was behind me was actually my crush (and I know this is probably a coincidence since he probably just waiting for his ride home) Anyway I tried to describe lots of details...just wanted to know if I should try to talk to him again or not?