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Why did she stopped replying when I asked her to a professional coffee?

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I have a client, where this girl works. She's really friendly and normal, and nothing specific happened between us.
We practically message 4 times a year, I think.
One day I went to the client and she happened to be there, we saw eachother after a year and she greeted me enthusiastically. So after a month when I was visiting again, I just messaged her that I'll be coming again tomorrow and she'll be there right? She said yeah, with a certain time. I was already planning to go later than the time she mentioned so I didn't bother replying.
So, now after 3 weeks, she just messages me that 'hey what happened, you could have replied'
I apologized and said how about we go out for a coffee and chitchat some time. This was awkward because we're really professional.
She says, let me figure out a time.
Now, it's 2 days and I haven't received a response. I sent 2 messages and I did get confirmation that she received them.