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Should I let him know how I feel about him?

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Ok so I liked this boy since last year and I don't know if its a good idea to let him know how I feel about him.when I first saw him I thought he was really cute. He's so nice and sweet, he makes me laugh but this was last year & when we were with all our friends everyone would walk with a pair & we would usually walk together but we hardly talked becuase im shy and i dont know what the hell to say. i freak out im such a dumbass around him i do the stupidest things.he would compliment me on my nails all the time and he would open the door for me ALL the time there was never a day where he wouldn't. And he would randomly poke me. He would make jokes & look at me to check if i was laughing I think my friend knew I liked him so she would make it so awkward and when we were alone it would be weird awkward silence he's a very shy dude. So we had one class together & I would catch him staring at me and he would look over most of the time to see what I was doing. & one day I left to Mexico for a week & when I came back I wanted to look my best so i dressed nice i did my nails cuz heard he liked zombies so the next day he complimented me on my nails & I was like yess! Success! Haha so then he said "I bet she gets it from the Internet" &obviously yea I get the nail designs from the Internet I get mad yea I know it's stupid but he was joking so I laughed like it didn't bother me & I wish I never got mad so then when we were going inside he opened the door for me& my friend opened the door also so I go through her door &he gets mad & he says "wow I just opened the door for my self" so I laugh. The next day I get over it & I thought he would open my door but he didn't I felt stupid he slammed it in my face & after that he would be so serious & he would stop complimenting me I think he hated me and I think his friend hated me too.we were like enemies but when we were w/the group of friends it would be fake. after a while he didn't hate me anymore we were more like strangers.Flash forward to this year I don't have a class with him I only see him in the mornings and at lunch all our friends are gone. Some moved and some arnt friends with us anymore so we dont talk. i miss him & on facebook hes always talking about finding a girl & i always hope to be that girl. hes been with other girls but those girls are stupid they break up with him for the same reason becuase "hes too nice" which i think is fucken dumb. So here's the problem this year I finally told my best friend I liked him she freaked out because of the same reason why I never told her which was because he's my ex boyfriends brother is that a bad thing?what should I do?!Should I tell him I like him?