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my guy best friend hates me?! what to do?

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me and this kid name Alex met this year in 9th grade in the 3rd day of school. Hes in my 2nd and 8th period class. We were so close that everyone thought we were dating. He will always make fun of me and shit, but I thought he felt the same way as I felt for him, so I tould this guy that friends with me and him to tell alex I liked him, but alex nevered responded back to me so I got piss, and I tould that guy to tell alex I hate him. In 8th period alex was talking to me saying that he felt horrible but he doesn't like no one in this school and that he doesn't want a relationship now, he also told me not to cry no more and the bell ring and he gave me a hug. so I felt bad and lied and said ok fine I don't hate you, then the lie was killing me so I went like a week later and tould alex that I hate him, and so he hates me I know it, but I don't understand is that he always stares at me and doesn't say nothing to me. it been like three months since we haven't spoked. So I am asking if I should go up to him and say I'm sorry but I am just scared if he will ignore me and walk away?!