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How do I have friends if I can't trust anyone?

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Like in school pretty much every grade I had a best friend or a group of friends. I still talk to some of my older ones. But h.s. pretty much gave me a reality check so I couldn't trust anyone. You know from being betrayed. This includes dating too. But now I am 21 and I stopped talking to pretty much everyone. Like hanging out, we still but I never want to see them. At least not them I am feeling pretty lonely these days. I don't usually feel like this. Lonely, bored and I just want to go out but you know I don't have my friends anymore. But how am i supposed to talk to people and make friends, I can't trust anyone? I have never had a problem about making friends except for these days if I meet someone I immediately become aware of them. I also don't have a lot of places to go meet people anymore.

So please help me! Any advice at all. Just answer me. :)