What do women say when they see a shirtless guy?

Answer #1

If this guy has a six pack and is tan then we usually say, “sexy” or in my case damn! If you are in the middle it is an oh, look at him. If u are chubby then we usually will say that u need a man bra or to cover up! Good luck,

Answer #2

Dont know what women would say …But…I reckon a tramp may choose the guy with out a shirt to fight with, or any aggresive drunk for that matter would want to interact in some way…Basicly if you want attention your going to get it, just not always from the people you would like…and just little things that happen to showing off shirtless guys become very funny , if you were to accidentaly trip over, more people would proberbly laugh than help because your shirtless, weird stuff but its all about pshycoligical stuff type thing lol…with out a shirt its as if your fearless and can do anything lol its like your saying to the world “look at me” “i am great” then ya trip over and you dont look so great or cool,and weirdly people enjoy it.Best to keep that shirt on,for the sake of straight guys aswell as ya self IMO.

Answer #3

Ever since I first got involved with the local ladies athletic club, they have seen me in various stages of undress.

When they see me without a shirt on, they usually don’t bother saying anything as such, to start with.

They just flush a little, and their breasts start heaving, as they begin to lick their lips sensually.

If wearing uncomfortable shoes, they will kick them off whilst hoisting their skirts into the region of their waists, and sprint towards me while shouting: “OMG, OMG, let me get at him”.

Now some men might be a little intimidated by such surprising behaviour, and I suppose I did thirty years ago when I first started to manage the team on my own.

But I am a little older now so I can only manage about half of them these days.

Answer #4

whether the guy is chubby or “sexy” i usually think they should get a shirt on…i’m a very modest person and find it very uncomfortable when others expose their body even if i may not actually express my opinion outloud.

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