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How to deal with really annoying friends?

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Okay so there's this one girl who sits at our table at lunch and I don't really like her, but the rest of my friends do...
So she likes to draw and we had this yearbook contest yesterday. So of course she comes to our table finishing up her entry. Yes, I have to admit, it was good. But the only reason she brought it to our table is because she wanted to brag! So she goes all like,"OMG! I spent eight hours on this! I am so going to win!" Seriously? And then she said,"I know I'm turning this in late, but all the teachers like me so yeah." SHUT UP! She constantly does things like this. It always has to be about her, always has to be about what she thinks.
So two questions:
Is this girl really annoying or is it just me?
How can I cope with this person?
Okay one more question:
Am I jealous?
Sorry it's a lot but I really need the help.