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How do you get closure when someone hurt you?

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My boyfriend made plans to travel with his best gal pal before we met. They've been friends for about 5 years, never dated. Their relationship is kind of weird though...they're like really close and he texts her every single day. She has a boyfriend though and they're buying a house together, so I'm not really afraid they're into each other. We've been dating 4 months. That would be their second trip together while we're dating. I told him I was uncomfortable with the second trip and that I wish he wanted to travel with me. To make a very long story short, I said if you go, I probably will break up with you because it hurts me too much. I know it sounds like I'm controlling but it just hurts too much and I wanted to be honest with him. Anyway, he consulted his platonic girlfriend and they decided they would still go even if it meant losing me. So I guess that's what hurts, the fact he chose his trip over our relationship...but also I created the situation by giving him an ultimatum so, I'm very mixed up now... So am I being irrational? I know if he was going with a guy it would be different I just jealous? How would you deal with this? How do I get closure, I can't keep talking about this to death with him...He's been so patient. And I'm definitely not leaving him he's the sweetest guy and I love him.

Thank you! :)