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How can I stop being so fearful and insecure about going outside? Im desperate.

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It's not a phobia. I am talking about past experiences. I have had this fear since I was in high school, 3 years ago now. I haven't gone out since 3 or 4 days now. I go out about 2 in a week, I have gone at least 3 months without going out. I am scared of people now, i have been hurt by my closest friends to complete strangers. I don't know why I guess I am an easy target. I try to make as less of eye contact as possible when I do go out. But I try really hard not to go outside. I live in an area where it's kind of dangerous so I try to walk my dogs or just take them out to the bathroom but I haven't even done that this week or last week.

If I am about to go outside I have to think about it, like "is it safe?" "Is it a smart thing for me to go out, right now?" Even if it's just to walk out my door or to the grocery store or to the mall. Or even school. I am even starting to pray more.

I can't go on like this. I really need to be more secure about it. So how can I get over this? How can I take this out? Please I really need help.