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How can I stop Liking him :/ ?

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Ok so I like this dude & I just don't want to like him. I hate liking people because I know they will never like me. But I don't know what the hell happened I just started liking him so much, like I get idk butterfly's? I hadn't felt like this in sooo long. I get butterfly's in my stomach whenever I think about him it feels like a stomachache but worse ugh! We talk to each other everyday but I just didn't feel anything for him. The only reason why we talk is because he asked me to check out a library book because he owes money. So he asked me to get a book for him. So i did. & now he needs to renew it and he's been telling me he will bring it but he never does. He tells me that everyday. I know it's due like next week so I don't know why the hell he reminds me everyday. But I don't care because I get to talk to him. So him glad he reminds me everyday. But that's what we've been talking about. & a couple of days ago he sat next to me in lunch because his friends ditched him. So we talked about when the hell he'll bring the book & stuff like that. & since that day his friends ugh!!! They've been staring at me whenever he would come up and talk to me about the book. Like I feel soo damn insecure. And this girl he sits next to in class they always talk. & I have a class with her & Friday she was staring at me also. I get mad when they do that it's so weird! Like they know something about me? i dont know its just so annoying. So I guess he knows I like him & I think they are just making fun of me. I don't even want to find out if he likes me or not because I know the answer. I knew him since last year but we didn't really talk then I think he moved or something idk. But then I saw he was in class & he sat in the same row as me. Everyday we would write about something the teacher wrote up on the board. She would read them but not say the name. & I would pass mine up to the front. He would always read mine -_- at least he said I got good handwriting. & he said I'm good at art because he saw something I drew in art class. So yeah how can I get over him? I just have to stop liking him :( he's way too cute for me I'm too damn weird for him.