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What to do?! Girl I notice looking at me now and then

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Hi there,

So well, there is a girl on highschool that captured my attention 2 years ago already but I just found out who she really was end of last year.

Now, as soon as I found out who she was I sent her a friendrequest on FB, but she never accepted it. Then, after approx. 2/3 weeks I cancelled it and then re-send it still without her accepting it.

Could also have been my FB profile because back then it was taken while my hair and all was really kinda... Awfull and my face was too serious, really way too serious (which doesn't look fun, I dont want to come over seriously)

Now I cancelled it again and a friend (who does has her as friend) told me to just try it again.
It's been a while since I last sent her a request (somewhere end may/june 2013 ofc.) but I guess she'd still remember who I am. That might look a bit like I'm stalking her..

Now: my school has this system where 1th - 3th grade are seperate from the 4-7th grade. (different building). She is only on my schoolbuilding of beginning this year (september) and I noticed her looking at me when I pass by or she passes by.

A couple of examples:
Last time I had to return to school after school was over to make a test. At that time everybody was leaving already and I saw her cycling in the opposite direction and again, I noticed she looked at me. Now this could be because she's thinking "oh, someone is cycling there" and just sees to indentify an object (to explain it difficult) or she might reconize me. Now is that in a positive or negative way ? Could be negative cause of 2 FB request, I don't know.

Another example is when I arrive at school and want to lock my bike in the basement of the school she just gets out of the basement when I just walk in and again I notice that she shared a quick look. again is this positive or negative?

Last time I noticed she looked at me is when I was just being a daydreamer (doesnt happen alot, I was tired) and I was looking straight forward while talking to my friends standing next to me. Before me was 1 group of 8 students or w/e and behind that group was a group with that girl. Now 2 guys of this group leave opening a gap towards a clear view of her group and her face, and again I noticed she shared a look. Could of course also be because she was just looking forward withouth the intention of looking at me after she noticed me.

I'm sorry for the large, and possible difficult text maybe filled with bad grammar. English isn't my strongest side.

Thanks for reading!