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My boyfriend's best friend is a girl...

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My boyfriend of over a year and I recently broke up. After about 2 weeks, he came back apologizing left and right and saying I'm the one. During that time though, he has become REALLY good friends with another girl. He told me that he would have come back to me much sooner if he hadn't been spending so much time with her: he referred to her as a distraction. (AKA, she was encouraging him not to get back together. Nothing ever happened between them). She has a long-term boyfriend, but she and my boyfriend do almost everything together. I'm not used to it, and it's bothering me. I'm trying to figure out what a reasonable take on the situation is. They are partners in their nursing classes, so to an extent they HAVE to spend time together. But for example, the other night he called me when he got home and said "see look, my priorities are with you. I called you first." First?? My response to him was "you call her every night?" She is definitely with another guy, but since he is on military leave he isn't ever around.
I drew the line when he told me he might take her out clubbing (even though he specified they wouldn't be dancing together, and that these were plans he made with her before he and I got back together). To me, that is just totally disrespectful and I made that known.
He loves me and I love him right back, I am just concerned that he is putting in more of his already limited time with her than he is with me, and it hurts. He is trying to balance everything and I'll give him that, I just am unsure about the situation. Is it reasonable for him to spend that much time with this girl, or am I being overbearing?