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Am I a bad person

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So I've been going out with this boy for about 2 months now, it's Christmas and he spent like £25 on me but I wasn't able to give him anything back (no money) and also I have feelings for someone else. I'm really grateful for what he does for me and I have some feeling for him but he's very short tempered and such and I don't like the fact he doesn't have a lot of patience towards other and is violent.
Last night I was talking to my best friend Ben, and I've had feelings for him for a while, we're really close and help each other with all our problems. We were bored so I asked him who he fancied and he said no one. Then he asked me and when I said I couldn't tell him, he started to say random people that we know. Then he said me and I said no because I didn't want to tell him. About 5 minuets later I told him that if I wasn't in a relationship I would go out with him because he's so close to me at heart. He then told me he's has feeling for me as well.
Right now I'm over whelmed and have no idea what to do. I feel bad because I have a boyfriend but also happy Ben actually likes me. I've been planning to break up with my boyfriend for weeks now but since its Christmas and he's spent so much on me I can't break up with him because of my reputation.
Any help on what I should do? And should I feel bad?