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how can I turn my guy on?

how can I turn my guy on?

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How can I turn on my boyfriend?

How can I turn on my boyfriend while kissing? & how can I just turn him on?

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What turns guys on?

Hey guys.. What turns you on???


what turns a girl on

what turns a girl on with out fingering them etc..

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Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?

Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?

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turn on Spots

what is the fastest way to turn on my girl friend??


How do a guy turn on a girl?

How can a guy turn on a girl?? Without touching their vagina and boobs.

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What Turns A Dude On While Kissing? Male Responses Only

whats the best way to turn on a dude while kissing him? and how do you get him to touch you while kissing?

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guys and turn ons

what turns guys on, stuff that we girls can do, fingers through hair, hand on

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How do you turn on a girl haha im not used to it ...

How can you turn on a girl and make her really horny?? And how do you make her horny while txting her or msging her please help haha :)

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What is something that will turn him on in seconds?

Tomorrow me and a guy are hanging, we do all the basic stuff to turn on each other. I want to do something different this time to make him turned on in seconds and supprise him. Help?


Do guys always get turned on when a girl sits on his lap?

does he deffinitley get turned on or hard? like can a girl just siit on a guys lap as friends and nothing happen?

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How do I turn my boyfriend on in public without being obvious?

I want to be able to drive my boyfriend crazy in public but I really hate the way our friends/other people react. So how can I turn him on without anyone else noticing?


What can I text my boyfriend to turn him on?

me and my boyfriend like to send each other dirty texts to turn each other on but I've seem to run out of good ideas. I need longish, explicit, dirty, amazing texts. someone help me on this please. kthanksbi (:

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What to say to a guy to turn him on?

okay so I have the relationship with this guy over the net and we talk over the phone (I know most people think that's lame, but I really like him)... and I want to say some things that'll get him turnd on.. any ideals?


What is the best way to turn him on

What is the best way to turn my boyfriend on? I am very confortable with him so any suggestions will be great. I would just ask him but I want it to kinda be a surprise. Like if I ask him hell be like oh and not get as excited as he would if it were a ...

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How can I turn my boyfriend on, without sounding corny?

Me and my boyfriend having been together for six and a half months. He is everything to me and we text morning till night unless one of us is busy. Somtimes over text he gets to sayin "ya" and "okay"..
How can I get him really horny?
we're really cl...

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Why do girls not eat in front of guys? Does it turn off guys?

Ok...I don't know but this bugs the Hell out of me haha. I know a few people that won't even look at food when they are with their boyfriend. I don't understand why lol. I was at a Halloween party, adn this girl was there and he boyfriend was also. The...

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what do guys think of girls who finger themselves?

does guy like it when girls touch themselves?
does it turn them on or what?

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10 ways to make a girl horny?

What are 10 or more different ways to turn a girl on and make them horny?

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Grinding tips

What turns a guy on when your grinding with him? Any tips? To make him get really horny?

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Top 10 ways to make a guy horny?

what are some top 10 ways to turn on a boy / make him horny?

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Can he tell I'm a virgin when he fingers me?

When he fingers inside me, can he tell by how tight I am, that im a virgin? Is this a turn on or off

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Places to touch a boy

What are the best places to touch a guy when your just talking or kissing or whatever? Places to turn him on?

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