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Should I end this relationship?

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okay, first of all let me start off by saying thanks for actually taking the time out to listen to my problem and give advice because this is really bothering me.

So I am going to try to tell you everythig and hope you have time to read it. it's a lot so plleeeaassseee bare with me and help me. :)

Ok, I met this guy in october.he initially asked me out but I couldn't go because my parents have me on lockdown(but that's another story) the funny part about the whole thing is that he was typing a resume on the computer one day and I stole his number off of it (I know, it's the dumbest thing I ever did and I never did it again) anyway I played on his phone and pretended to be another person until I finally admitted to him who I was.

When I told him who I was, he was upset, but he gave me the number to his line and we was talking ever since. he was such the sweetest, coolest, most down to earth person.

I felt like I could talk to him about anything. he made me laugh and gave good advice. he also shared. one day my backpack broke and I went to him to see if he had an old one I could borrow. he saidhe didn't have a old one but he let me use his own.he became upset when I tried to give it back even though I threatened to steal it because I liked it so much.

A couple days later, he gave me the combination to his locker and said it was for me in case I needed to get anything out. he has also shared his food with me, and was there for me. in our school, we have honor roll assemblies, and I asked him if he could be there. he said no, but surprised me. what made it better was that I was the only person he cheered for.

He also told me one time that if someone was to do something to me, as in hurt me, he would kill them. one time he actually came out and told me that he had deeper feelings for me than a friend. however I turned him down for good reasons, but that is not the reason he acts the way he does now because this behavior started a longtime ago that's why I call it "mood swings";.

One day he'll be the way I described and would appreciate me caling him and would show this by telling me to call back and don't forget. if I am going to be absent from school, he begs me to come and one time when I was absent he begged for me to come so much, that although I was absent from school, I went up there after school and my car broke down right there. he helped me fix it. if I tell him that I am not going to call him back, he gets an attitude.

One time we was talking and he told me that he loved me in his own special way but another guy loved me more(a guy who he always encourages the relationship between the two of us ) however sometimes I call him and he gives excuses. when I call him back, he'll say he's sleep or he's on the phone with someone else.

Sometimes in school he makes me feel like im invisible. he'll talk to eveyone else except me. one time I asked him if I bugged him, and he said "sometimes" where when I used to ask him that he'll say I didn't call him enough. in school sometimes, I speak and he acts as if he doesn't wantto speak back.

Sometimes I call his phone and he'll answer and when I say "what's up", he'll take a long time to say something back. to the point sometimes I have to say, "are you still there?" I play with him in school, and he gets serious. and I recognize that he does all this only to me.

He acts mean to me in school and go down the hall to the next girl or his best friend and smile and laugh. one time I confronted him about this and he said " they are just gurls I'm trying to sleep with. you are not" when I confront him about how I feel, that he's avoiding me sometimes or acting two-faced, he gets mad.he cuts me off, or tell me to call back.

Now I'm going to give you two incidents that happened recently 1) one time I called him and he told me that he just got in the house and to call back. I called back and the phone was busy. the next time he answered I asked him why the phone line was busy and he said he was talking to his ex and he backed it up by saying "u know I have to make time 4 her" and he asked me what time it was. I said 11:21. he said I have to get off this phone at 11:30 and do some homework.

I said okay, iwas going to make the call short and call you at another time anyway. he said why and I said because I have something to do to. he said okay and told me to make sure I dont forget to call back. so I said I am going to 4get that ish becaue I was mad that he hurt my feelings by what he said.

So he replied by saying fuc*** u (in a playful way). we hung up. so I forgot to ask him something and called back to ask him, after I asked him, I said what are udoing anyway? he said putting microsoft word on my computer. iwas like I am going to let you go because I know you have to jump on the phone. you tell me stuff to avoid me and it doesn't even bother me anymore and I told him bye.

I called back because I wondered if I was right. the phone line was again busy. so in the past he has told me if my phone line is busy, call my cell if you want, so that's what I did. when he answered, I asked him "so I guess your homework assignment was to talk on the phone? he said yes and told me that I was playing games and going on and on. after that he stayed mad at me for a week and gave me silent treatment.

Should I had ended the friendship then? 2) I called his house one night and he was not home. so his brother answered who I am also cool with. we talked and was still talking when dante got home. when he came in he asked his brother whoit was and his brother said india. he replied by saying, who india from coolidge? and his brother said no india arie? (being sarcastic)and gave him the phone. he sounded very agitated when he answered and told me to hold on. he put his brother back on the phone and went in is room and slammed the door.

That's when I told his brother what he had been doing and I also told him tat although I never met him and only talked to him on the phone, I felt a better connection with him than his brother. and his brother told me that I was too nice and basically all dante was doing is taking advantage of me. he also said that dante has very bad mood swings.

The next day I called and the first time he said, I'm cleaning up. the next time, he said I'm lying down . so I asked him, are you lying down or you just don'twant to be bothered? he said both but backed it up with "call me back late" I told him no and that when he wants to be bothered again, come to me. so in school, the next day he tried to talk to me but I didn't talk back and I stopped talking to him in school and calling him 4 almost a week.

I just started calling him back thursday. he's doing the same thing. what should I do? we've been going thru this throughout the whole friendship and I think it's time for me to end it. don't u? But something keeps holding me back.and then another guy told me that dante and I will never get along anyway because he's a leo and I'm a scorpio. I don't know what to do now because I feel used. I've been there for him with money, doing schoolwork for him and everything.

As a matter of fact, tonight I am going to ask him if he wants to be a friend of mine or not.this is depressing me because he was a person who used to take away the pain, now he gives it.

I've alsobeen going thru a lot at home. like I wasn't ven able to attend prom. I'll let you know the answer. thanx again India