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Large Vagina Lips

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My girlfriend has large vagina lips.

They look normal, when she stands up the inner lips hang down like 1cm lower then the outer lips.

I recently found out that she is very self concious about them and felt like they werent normal and even tried to push them back inside her.

I am very very attracted to them, I love it when they hang when she stands and when I found out I spent like an hour telling her how normal they are and how much I like them and I even sat on the net with her going through websites about girls who have big vagina lips and how they too thought it wasnt normal

We went through heaps of photos of different looking vaginas so she could see they all look different and that hers as normal, we even searched photos of penises to show that even my penis looks completely different to other guys and how I also felt similar things about my penis and how I thought it was abnormal.

Is there anything else I can do to make her feel better about her vagina? I am seriously turned on by the way her vagina looks when she stands and it upsets me to see her cry about it when its completely normal.
Is there any good websites that would help her understand its normal?