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33 year old virgin

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It does become an issue because women think there is something wrong with me and all my male friends just think I'm gay. I find strip clubs degrading so when they try and drag me to one I refuse. I've never been fortunate enough to find a girlfriend, growing up my parents moved so much I went to 21 schools before I graduated high school so I never really had friends to be a wingman or help me socialize with women. Not that it's held me back today, almost all my closest friends are women, and once in a while I'll start to fall in love with one of them after a few years of being good friends I'll be stupid enough to tell her how I feel and they push me away and either I lose her all together or we become acquaintances. I don't know how to pick up a complete stranger, from what I see and hear women don't like random guys hitting on them and I'd feel out of place trying. Every woman I know thinks I'm super sweet, nice and charming person but sweet is code for pathetic in my book because it hasn't helped me find anyone to love me. So as stupid as it sounds how does one pick up a woman if they don't like random guys bothering them and how do you tell a friend you love her without losing her? And how do get a woman to accept the fact you're 33 and still a virgin? Is it too late for me to even try or should I just accept being the friend for the rest of my life?