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he broke my heart! why do I still love him? please reply!!! it mea

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my b/f just broke up with me. I can not get him off my mind. you name it it reminds me of him. its like really bring my life on a downward spiral. he didnt even do it to my face! he wrote me a letter! he hasnt said anything or even looked at me! this is what the letter said:
I am really sorry I couldnt say this to your face because I know how you and how you feel bout me but im going thru a really rough time rite now my baseball sucks (hes a baseball player, he lives for it) and my house and just everything. and I just feel that im not showing or giving you the attention you deserve. we never really talk.which is b/c of baseball we never see each other and I wont be able to see you over the summer and the truth is that I got so much going on that I dont want a girlfriend. its nuthin against you, im not mad, is nuthin you done its just that my life is so fucke dup right now and how you deserve to love someone that will be there for you at all times. I just want to be friends. please dont be mad at just so stressed that you dont know what has went thru my mind. you cant imagine what I want to do to myself sumtimes.I just want to get over that feeling about myself before I have feelings for someone else. im so sorry. I love you.

the thing is he lied a lot in the letter. baseball stops june 10th . I wud get to see him I got to see and talk to him constantly is he just making excuses or is he for real? please reply because its killin me. I need to hear from some one else that is wasnt just bein a jerk. please I still love him but I dont want to anymore. how do I get over him?