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He keeps leaving and coming back, what do I do?

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So, I've dated the same guy for...well a little bit of forever really. He recently tried to break up with me, and took it back saying he had listened to his friends and he's sorry. He, the very next month, drove to my house and tried to leave once again...only to sit in my floor and cry and complain that it was the biggest mistake of his life. So...he just over a month later (this month) sent me a txt message that said he loves me with all of his heart and he's sorry that he just feels he's very young for a serious relationship and that he regrets having to hurt me but that he just can't do this right now. He swore it wasn't a change of heart and that he loves me and he's sorry and really cares about me still and wants to be my friends. I can't help but to think his "friend" may once again be behind this. I am completely miserable..and I keep praying that he will come back...I don't know what to do. If anyone that reads this and prays would not mind helping, I would appreciate it. Any advice or prayers would be gladly accepted. Also, what is the possibility that someone may have cursed me or something? That could happen right..and how am I to resolve that? HELP ..I'm so depressed...