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Boob touching...

Should I let my neighbor, who is a boy, who likes me, touch my boobs?
And if I should should he touch outside my shirt or should I let him go in my shirt?

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Flirt with your cousin

How to flirt with your cousin

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what should I do when my boyfriend is sucking my boobs

What should I be doing while my boyfriend is sucking on my boobs?

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Where does a girl like to be touched?

Where is a girl touched and that gets them horny from being touched there?

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How do I tell a guy I want them to suck my boobs

How do I tell a guy I want them to suck my boobs?

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cum makesbur boobs grow?

is it true that cum makes your boobs grow??

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How to get your girlfriend to touch you/ let you touch her?

the perverted way... I want to feel her breasts and finger her and for her to touch/suck me. help?

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Why did my fingers smell after touching her?

I Fingered my GirlFriend and my fingers smelled afterward, what is that smell? How do I get rid of it?

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Where do guys touch?

Where do guys usually touch girls while they're making out if both have agreed to touching over and under clothes? And where should girls touch the guys?

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Wud you get wet if a boy feels yer boobs?

Girls: do you get wet when a boy feels your boobs?

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How can I involve my boobs when pleasuring myself?

I want to involve my tits when im pleasuring myself, and good ways.

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Why does my boyfriend touch my tummy so much?

Hees been doing it a lot lately..

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Im in love with cousin, how should I know she loves me too?

Im in love with my cousin and I dont know if she is in love with me. How should I know she loves me too and is it best I tell her I love her or wait for her to tell me that she loves me? If I should tell her, what should I say?


Places to touch a boy

What are the best places to touch a guy when your just talking or kissing or whatever? Places to turn him on?

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How to explain a boob hickey?

I had a boob hickey 2 years ago my husband will not let it go. What is a good excuse to get him off my back?

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When a guy touches your Face means?

What does ti mean when a guy looks into your eyes, and stare for about 5-10sec and then touches your face, and kisses you? does it mean he likesu?


Guys, where do you like to be touched?

I know all guys like to be touched in different places and rubbed, grabbed, poked lol differently as well whats yours? Like how do I touch the dick and aren't there other places I should be touching?

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Where's the best place to touch a boy?

See when touching a boy, whats the best place to touch him? like were does he get more enjoyemnt and is there anything girls can do to make them really horny?

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Does it hurt a girl to touch her after her period?

is it bad to finger a girl right after she gets done with her period? I fingered my girlfriend and I got a lil blood on my fingers. did it hurt her at all?

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What does it mean if your boyfriend touches your face while your kissing?

When my boyfriend and I make out he touches my face or rubs my hair, he doesnt do this all the time but its what he mainly does. What does this mean? Does it mean hes really into me or he doesnt know what to do with his hands?

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How do I get my boyfriend to touch me?

So all I really do with my boyfriends is like kiss, and I want more. I want him to touch my chest and other places. Pluse I want to make him happy. But the only way I can think of doing that is to tell him to touch me and I dont want to tell him. What ...

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How else can I touch my guy when we make out??

What else can I do to my guy when we are making out? Like he grabs my ass and all that, but what else can I do to him besideess tousle his hair and have my arms around his neck? Help please!

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Why does he always want to touch my stomach?

Why does this one guy always want to touch my stomach?
With my shirt on or whatever, he just wants to touch, rub, poke, tickle.. he like.. has an obsession with my stomach lol
That's never happened to me before, and I'm the only girl he does that to.....

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What can I do if my boyfriend touch my ass?

I have been with my boyfriend for five months (we both have 15). we always kiss but one day when we were kissing he put his hand in my ass and start touching it (this was the first time he did that). I dont know if this is noormal in a relationship be...

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