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Why do guys ignore you?

What are some reasons a guy would ignore someone (female)?
We used to talk nonstop and even hung out just over a week ago and all of a sudden he wont return texts and wont talk to me!

Why is he acting weird?


Teasing my boyfriend

So me and my boyfriend have been going out for awhile. Were both very comfortable with eachother. We always tease eachother it just makes thing that much better. He alwaysss teases me and wont finish me off, and I just dont know what excatly to do back...

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How to tease someone you wanna get back?

I really really really like this guy, but he likes this other girl. I'm friends with him so when we hangout I wanna like turn him on to the point were he can't resist, but I don't wanna make it that obvious. Anything would help, thankss (:

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Why is my boyfriend ignoring me?

Over the past month my boyfriend has become more and more distant, and it's really starting to worry me. I like to think it is all in my head, because I do worry a lot, but it's been three days now and he hasn’t said a word to me. This isn’t the first ...


Why does he text me and then ignore me?

Okay, so I've had a crush on this guy I work with since August of this year, for awhile he didn't even pay attention to me, so I got to liking him even more, I used to love to go to work, and my work sucks. Then, he broke up with his girlfriend of one ...


If a guy talks marriage, does that mean he's in love?

does it mean he really was in love with you? cause not alot og guys would talk about that, most guys stay away from the subject


I want some funny or good comebacks

Please don't say just to ignore them. OK. I want some funny or good comebacks for when someone tells you to shut up, or says a hate you ETC... what are some good comebacks?


Naughty Truth or dare?

does anyone know any REALLY good
truth or dare questions to ask a guy a make them kinda want more
and you know kinda tease around with them


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my boyfriend keeps begging me 2 blow him, and I want 2 make him happy, but his dick is 9 inchs. what should I do? what things make it easier? how to tease, turn him on with words, and in person

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When I get 'wet', I get really 'wet'..

My boyfriend really likes to tease me before he actually removes my pants and/or underwear. I get SUPER wet, like to the point of where it leaves a massive wet mark on my pants! (Yes, it does seep through my underwear and pants! yeah, it's a lot!!!)


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My crush has a girlfriend, what do I do?

I have a crush on a guy that has a girlfriend what do I do ?we are friends and close but around his girlfriend he ignores me sometimes and when she's not around he's all hangout type and his girlfriend doesn't even care if he flirts with other girls.I ...


How do I beat him at his own game?

Hey guys...crazy question but lately my boyfriend seems to be playing games with me. Il msg him wheni know hes not busy and he'll take forever to reply (he usually replies right away)...he just keeps playing all these cat and mouse games to see how far...


Why do girls not eat in front of guys? Does it turn off guys?

Ok...I don't know but this bugs the Hell out of me haha. I know a few people that won't even look at food when they are with their boyfriend. I don't understand why lol. I was at a Halloween party, adn this girl was there and he boyfriend was also. The...

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HELP!! I made-out with a guy who has a girlfriend!!

I did something terribly wrong last night.
I went to a club with some friends and a guy last night. This guy and I have a past but I thought it was over since he now has an out-of-province girlfriend. That seems to be a problem tho because I got prett...


Why did he lean his head on mine?

the guy I like, and the guy who everyone thinks likes me
has been letting me lean on his shoulder. And when I did, he leaned his head on mine. and
another time when I was leaning on his shoulder he played with my hand and just tickled it lightly.



Does My Crush Like Me Back Or Does He Hate Me?

This is really complicated so Ill start from the beginning. There is this boy I like, obviously. :3 I've always had a crush on him since grade 1.

Anyways, he is really popular, and I am sort of not. I am not a loser or anything but Im not the type o...


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