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where is the 'cherry pop' thing located?

where is the 'cherry pop' thing located?


sticking things up

when put stuff for example a cucumber up your you know wats the worst that can happen?do you have to of have your period before putting thing in your vigina because I've never had my period and I get horny.

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When I got fingered my boyfriend said I was so tight is it a bad thing?

k so I've never been fingered and before my boyfriend asked me out he asked me what I did and I just lied and said I was fingered before so now he likes me a lot and we've been dating for 3 months so he fingered me last night and said I was really tig...

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Why does he always get mad at me for little things?

Me and my ex are really close, he's pretty much my best friend.. but, sometimes he'll think something is wrong with me, like I'm mad or something.. So he'll ask 'what's wrong?' and If I say nothing, he thinks I'm lying..
Yesterday I went out for my bi...


How do you "feel up" a guy?

is there such thing as feeling up a guy?? if so how do you do that?

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Make Him Horny

how do I make my boyfriend really really really horny and want to make out and do things really bad??

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questions I can ask in a truth and dare

ok theres a truth and dare thing coming up and I am crap at thinking on the spot so please can someone give me questions I can ask in a truth and dare thing aswell as dares I can give to do. btw this aint like the kiddy things proper adult thing.


What does it mean when a guy calls a girl thick?

what does it mean when a guy calls a girl thick? is it a good or bad thing?

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What does it mean when a guy tells you he will make you wet?

One day I was txting my boy friend and he told me he would make me wet ... what does it mean to be wet and is it a hurting kind of thing or a gross one or a cumm kinda thing ?

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Dry humping

Can you cum by dry humping a pillow if so how? lol im trying new things

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What do you do when your horny if you don't want to finger ?

Ok, I'm 13 and NEVER fingered myself, and im really scared.. and people have been talking about using shower heads when your horny, and I've just been lately experiencing hormonal things, I WANT to finger myself but im just really scared, are there any...

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How do I make a guy horny?

I want to make my boyfriend really horny, so what are the most things that can make a guy reallly horny? Answer back please.

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How do I start a dirty text message conversation?

like when a guy texts you and starts flirting and telling you dirty things, how do you continue it?


Do guys like it really wet?

Hey do you think its gross when your like about to finger/eat a girl out and shes reallly wet? Its that a bad or a good thing?

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What could be some of the reasons my boyfriend wants me to gain weight?

im pretty self conscious about this typa thing and tend to yea


Do guys like it when girls moan when making out?

And when other things are going on? I.e, last night my boyfriend and I were making out and he was feeling me up and touching me all over the place haha, and I moaned here and there during it. Do guys like it when they do or no?

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Why does it sting my lips after kissing my girlfriend?

When I kiss my girlfriend (best thing ever) I'm fine but awhile after my lips sting. Could it be from chapped lips or something? Input helpful thanx:)

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When your getting fingered how do you know when you have an orgasm?

I keep trying to see what it feels like but I have no clue I feel so many different things when I try fingering myself.. What does an orgasm feel like? please explain if you can

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my boyfriend keeps begging me 2 blow him, and I want 2 make him happy, but his dick is 9 inchs. what should I do? what things make it easier? how to tease, turn him on with words, and in person

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Will the Doctor know if I've touched myself?

ok well my boyfriend and I have been goin out for some time..and well about a day ago we were on the phone and we were talking about some things that we wanted to do..and he told me he wanted to eat me out and finger me...he then asked me to finger mys...


fingering positions?

ok so my boyfriend has fingered me before but I just like lay there and moan the whole time (not that its bad thing) but is there anyways to change it up...
new positions?
standing, sitting?

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Whats the difference between hooker and prostitute?

I dont get it when theres a girl some people would call her hooker and others prosustut I dont I speeled that right but I get get the difference between them I think it means the same thing but I guess its not


Me and my sis do 'stuff'. Do you (or have you ever?).

I asked this elsewhere but it may be more properly put here. I am a 17 year old guy, and my sister is 16. We are very happy, and have a non-abusive normal family with no issues at all. We are both doing excellent in school and have good friends. I have...

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What to say to a guy to turn him on?

okay so I have the relationship with this guy over the net and we talk over the phone (I know most people think that's lame, but I really like him)... and I want to say some things that'll get him turnd on.. any ideals?


I sucked his finger after recieving...

After my boyfriend fingered me for the first time, he traced my body with his finger and went to my face tracing it, I sucked his finger like I would his pen*s, swirling and rubbing my tongue up and down. I was wondering if that was a good thing to do,...

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