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Puerto rican peni size

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Your preferences about penis size?

Your preferences about penis size?

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What size should my penis be?

what size should a penis be for a 13 year old

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Puerto Ricans Boys

all my bffs have been Puerto Rican!!! Any cute boys from P.R? I'm Puerto Rican myself.

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What the largest penis size youve evar seen?

What the biggest?

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is this penis size bad or good?

is it good that my penis is 9 inches long or is that to big for girls and im only 15

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Penis size for adult films...?

What is the minimum penis size allowed for a mn in the adult film industry? I'm about 5 1/2 inches.

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How do you measure a penis?

How do you measure your penis?

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question about average penis size?

what is the average penis size for a male? Im 18 and I think that I am just about 8 in. I am uncricumsized though. Does it mean your dick is bigger when your uncircumsized?


Who can tell me if Puerto Ricans have big penises?

This might be a stupid puestion but do Puerto Ricans grow long c o c k s if they do I'll be happy because I'm puerto rican.


Puerto ricans make girls pregnant quicker?

Is it true that puerto ricans make girls pregnant easier/quicker because they squirt cum farther and so more sperm goes into the girl or they just have more fertile sperm than any other race? Or is that just a myth I heard?

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Does the girl care about penis size?

my erection is 6 1/2 around there but my normal pen#s size is way smaller like 2-3in does that really matter to a girl scence all they see is the boner what should I do

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How to make a fake penis?

how do I make a fake penis?

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How thick should a erect penis be?

How thick should a erect penis be?

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What is considerd large for a penis???

What is considerd large for a penis???

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where does your penis go when you sit down?

when you sit down where does your penis go?

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Is my penis too big?

is my 9" penis too big?

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How to tell your condom size?

How to tell your condom size?

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How Do I Make My penis Larger

How Do I Make My penis Larger

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Ways to increase my penis size within the next 6 months

I need to know ways to increase my dick size within the next 6 months, its not for me im just worrying if my 5 incher wont be able to please my girl, and I care the world for her and would do anything for her, but until the 6 months its illegal for us ...


How to find a nice Puerto Rican Lady

How does a 45 year old, nice man find a lady in Puerto Rico to share sometime with? I don’t mean jumping in bed, but going and seeing the sites, nice dinners and water sports. I have been out of the dating scene for sometime and I am at a loss.


Does size really matter to women???

Does penis size really matter??

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pleasure from penis size?

I'm 16 and my penis is quite short at 6 1/2" long but is a little wide at 2" across. Well two things, first normal condoms ones are unconfortable and so tight that I can't get a full erection, can anyone recomend any wide condoms. Also as my penis is ...

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penis names

girls what is your fav name for a penis

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What size girls do guys like?

what size girls do guys like?

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How does a guy measure the lenght of his penis?

How does a guy measure the lenght of his penis?

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