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What are different ways for a girl to pleasure herself?

what are the different ways a girl can pleasure herself?

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Women pleasure

How can I make my girlfriend cum!!!

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How do I pleasure a girl with clothes on?

I need to know how to bite a girl pleasurably or pleasure her while she is still clothed

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How can I involve my boobs when pleasuring myself?

I want to involve my tits when im pleasuring myself, and good ways.

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How do I finger my girlfriend to give her maximum pleasure

I need some tips on how to give my Girlfriend maximum pleasure, I've kinda fingered her while licking her out but it's easier to do because I can make her wet easy, I just need some tips on how to get her started

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My boyfriend pleasures me..

When my boyfriend fingers me I dont get an orgasm.
I mean yeah it feels really good
But when I rub myself (not finger) I get to that climax...

I dont get it, how can I get an orgasm by fingering ?
Anytips for my boyfriend would help too ^-^

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how to jack off

Hey I have a question for masturebating as a guy and for some reason I have an internet blocker that my parents put on my comp so I can't go to that site so maybe you could just flat out tell me good ways that you think are good thanks for the help



Would a girl like if a guy jacked off to her and nothing else?

So my girlfriend asked me if I've ever jacked off before and I said yes because I never want to lie to her..she means a lot and even thought I didnt want to tell her..I did..and she asked me if I watched porn and I dont and I think she might be wonderi...

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Can't Pleasure Her, Need Advice!!

Me and my girlfriend been dating for nearly seven months were both 16. Recently I've tired fingering her. When I finger she tells me it fells great. But she has never orgasmed.. She doesn't moan when I finger her.. Basically I have no real clue what im...

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The taste of cum?

I want my girl to have pleasure when I cum in her mouth what foods should I eat to make it taste good???

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how do I pleaseure myself?

how do I pleaseur myself? my breast are verry sencative and I love my boyfriend touching them and sucking them. how can I pleasure myself? what should I do uther than fingering?

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ALWAYS horny :S

I am always horny and it seems that jacking off just isnt cutting it cause im continuously there something wrong with me?


Does it take a long time?

Does it take a long time for you boyfriend to become hard/cum while dry-humping? Or is it just simple pleasure?

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How to touch a clitoris without hurting her?

I remember a while ago, I was fingering my girlfriend, and I attempted to make it more pleasurable for her by touching her clitoris. Next time she told me that it hurt when I touched her clit, and now she doesn't like me touching there. Although I ca...

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How: can you use baby oil if you havent got any lube?

I was just wondering can you use baby oil instead of lube? If not what else could you use? I carnt get any lube /: also how could I tell my mum to get some baby oil with out saying its for pleasure? Hehe :)


Why guys always start by wanting to finger girls?

I really needs to know I mean it brings no pleasure to them (the guys lol).and they always like to start off by wanting to finger you, is it like a test to see how tight your girl is? What? Please tell me if you know

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How do I get a good orgasm?

Im 13, and trying to expeirence pleasure,
I keep rubbing my clit, and fingering myself,
But nothing seems to work.
Can you help?
I think im a lesbian, but I want to try it with a girl.
I want to trib with a girl, and I want to get licked and finge...

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How can I give myself an orgasm from fingering?

I'm 14, and I've tried fingering myself, But I feel no pleasure.
I really wanna hit my first orgasm by fingering myself,I tried a pen but that didnt work either,
Everyone says "Play with your clit" I tried that and It felt good,Butt I never cumed or an...

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