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Cherry popping, can your cherry pop more than once?

can your cherry pop more than once? cause I think that happened to me.


What happens when your cherry pops?

What happens when your cherry pops?


How do I know when my cherry has popped?

How do I know when my cherry has popped, or if I even have a cherry?


How do I know if my cherry is popped?

How do I know if my boyfriend popped my cherry?

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Can you pop your cherry by fingering yourself?

Can you simply "pop your cherry" by fingering yourself ??

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Can you pop your cherry fingering yourself?

Can you pop your cherry fingering urself?

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where is the 'cherry pop' thing located?

where is the 'cherry pop' thing located?


Can I pop my cherry with a pen?

I'm 14 and I was wondering, can I "pop my cherry" by sticking a pen or something else up me?


How do you pop your cherry?

I am a virgin and I want to lose it with my boyfriend. But he has tried but it hurts too much so we stop. What should I do?

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Can you pop your cherry urself?

Besides fingering urself is there a way to get your cherry popped by urself?
Just wondering..mine is already popped lol

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getting your cherry popped ..

does getting your cherry popped hurt ? wouldnt it be embarrasing
if you started bleeding everywhere !? :| ... how old
do girls usually start fingering themselves at ?

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could that pop my cherry?

how far does a finger/dick have to go in untill it pops your cherry?

if it only goes in like two or three inches will that pop my cherry?

thanks :D


how girls mastubrate

how girls mastubrate

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How long after your cherry pops do you start bleedingg?

How long after your cherry pops do you start bleeding? my boyfriend of nine months wants to finger me and im afraid that if he does, he will pop my cherry and bleed all over me. how much do you usually bleed when your cherry is popped?

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the effects of popping the cherry

I had recently just fingered my girlfriend and am sure that i popped her cherry. Will this alter her periods from every 3rd month or so (not sure on how it runs) to monthly? When will the bleeding stop


Fingering blood spot on my sheet, did I pop my cherry?

I was fingering myself last night and when I turned the light on I noticed there was a blood spot on my sheet... did I "pop my cherry?" or what cud have happened?!?? PLEASE ANSWER EVERYONE!!!


I'm not sure if my cherry is popped

I love getting fingered but im still a virgin and I have gotten fingered a lot but im not shure if my cherry is popped...can someone help me please

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Did he pop my cherry?

my boyfriend mas fingering me the other day and yea hes the one that I've gone the farthest with but yeah when he pulled his fingers out there was blood sodid he pop my cherry?

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popping her cherry

okay well the other night I was over her house the other night and well I was fingering her and I think I popped her cherry but im not sure cause when she said it hurt I to0ok my finger right out..but it kept hurting anyways what did I do? did I pop he...


Was the blood from a popped cherry?

I got fingered and it hurt, but then the pain went away right? And when I got home, I had blood ALL over my pants and my vagina hurt more, and there was blood all over my pants. I've never had that much blood... did I get my cherry popped or was it jus...

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How many fingers can go in your vagina without popping your cherry?

My boyfriend has put in 3 fingers, it hurted a little bit but I didn't bleed. Does that mean my cherry already popped, or 3 fingers just wasnt enough for it to pop?

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Did he pop my cherry, or was it my period?

OK, so my boyfriend fingered me at night(not the first time he's fingered me), and then the next morning I was bleeding. But the bleeding only lasted for 4 days instead od a week. Is it my period or did he pop my cherry? If it just my period, then will...


How can I pop my cherry

Hi I want to know how to pop my cherry but im not sure what it is. I havent got my period yet but I want to pop my cherry I've been practising with pads and tampons andi like the feel of them. And will I bleed when my cherry pops. Thanks you so much xoxo


How do you know if your cherry has been popped?

how do you know if your cherry has been poped or not because i really am not sure i think that i might have but idk and if it hasn't how can it get poped like does the guy stick his penis up there or what ?? and as sad as it is to ask but twhat is it e...


How to make a girl wet?

How to make a girl wet?

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