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how can I get my vigina tight?

how can I get my vigina tight

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if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?

if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?


Open Mouth Kissing?

Well, me and my girlfriend have been going out on and off for about 3 years. This time it seems a lot more serious and I have much stronger feelings for her. So far I have only given her little "peck" kisses, you know and I want to take it a step furth...


curious bout mi vigina

ok, I got another one. yes I know us girls get what we call wet!! but... shouldn't WE ONLY GET WET when we are aroused or horny. an what color should our discharge be, stuff comes out of me almost looks like nut, but it's thick an white, sticky. which ...

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How to make a woman tighter?

how many ways is there to make a vigina tighter, and what are those ways


How does a girl cum!!!

I have seen lots of porn. And I have seen girls cum... and when I say cum I mean white stuff come out of their vigina.

Or can a female do that???

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sticking things up

when put stuff for example a cucumber up your you know wats the worst that can happen?do you have to of have your period before putting thing in your vigina because I've never had my period and I get horny.

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Why does it sting/ burn whilst getting fingered?

Help. I recently got fingered and it stung/burnt around the opening of my vagina. Im a virgin and was well lubricated. Im really worried and just dont understand

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bad smell from my girlfriend pussy

I found very bad smell coming from girlfriend pussy when I open her legs. she said that she is ok. but due to this bad smell I couldn't do intercourse with her. bad smell also come from her mouth.
the color of her pussy is brownish black. I want to kn...

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What does it mean when your boyfriend rubs your vagina?

Today my boyfriend put his hands on my vigina but not probaly as I had trousers on but he started rubbing me there and it felt nice but I wanna no what that means if you guys evan no what I mean lol but im only 14 nearly 15 but I dont care I love him

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My boyfriend is in Jail and I love him so much!!!

My boyfriend is in jail and I love him so much!!! He is the best man I ever cam e in contact with, he help me in school, He open my eyes in many ways. I feel lonley without him, he is facing 15 years in federal prision. Honestly he was and is my futu...


How to have hot makeout sessions?

Someone told me that I was sucky at kissing.
I want to know what I did wrong. Can you get better at it?

How do you makeout good? Like hot and fast and good?? Any tips?

What do you do with your tounge exactly?

Do you just leave your mouth open w/ th...

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did I lost my virginity??

hello,I have a problem so if you can help me please answer.I am 17 years old,when I had 13 years I put my fingers into my vagina I and one day I tried to prove it if I broke my hymen and my fingers can enter without any problem.I never bleed or anythin...

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Me and my sis do 'stuff'. Do you (or have you ever?).

I asked this elsewhere but it may be more properly put here. I am a 17 year old guy, and my sister is 16. We are very happy, and have a non-abusive normal family with no issues at all. We are both doing excellent in school and have good friends. I have...

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