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  1. What does it mean when I guy gives a girl a stuffed animal?
    Today leaving a get together with friends which a guy friend asked if I wanted a ride to and picked me up, going out of his way (backtracking) to do so. We picked up another friend (a guy & his best friend) on the way to meet up with everyone else. Whe...
    7 1459
  2. How do I rip someone's shirt off during intercourse?
    Well this girl who i'm like friends with benefits with told me next time, she want me to be more aggressive, and stuff like ripping her shirt off... but she couldn't explain how to do none of that. SO yeah, Anyone wanna give me some pointers on how...
    10 2359
  3. What does it mean when a girl bites her lip when she talks to you?
    19 2232
  4. How do guys like being hugged - around the neck, waist, or under the armpits?
    17 999
  5. Is it true that when a girl asks a guy to listen to a song, it's because the lyrics are all the words she's afraid to say?
    39 2190
  6. Have you ever locked eyes with someone and feel such an intense connection that it takes your breath away?
    32 2470
  7. What should I do if I keep having flashbacks about my ex?
    /: I try moving on but. how do I set my mind to the fact he used me ? HELP .
    9 968
  8. Why does my boyfriend touch my tummy so much?
    Hees been doing it a lot lately..
    13 2195
  9. Why can't I look into my crush's eyes?
    okay so i can look into anybody's eyes but my crushes and idk why. Cause when i talk to him he looks deep into y eyes and they look really dreamy haha and he stands close to me. But when i talk to him i look away for some reason.
    14 1346
  10. Is it weird if a sophmore in highschool is dating a 7th grader?
    41 1186
  11. Do I have the right to tell my boyfriend not to go to raves?
    Everytime he goes to raves he uses drugs, i really dont want him to get back into them and i dont want the risk of him overdosing and the thought of half naked women around him as he is high repulses me but it makes him so happy, so should i let him li...
    26 1337
  12. Is virginity really important nowadays?
    Lets talk about some naught.. ^_^
    86 1250
  13. Is it true that if men aren't breast fed as infants, they grow up to be obsessed with breasts?
    I just heard that it was true
    10 1015
  14. How can I wish my crush a happy birthday without making it obvious that I like him?
    (btw its going to go on facebook. I want it to be different than all the other happy birthday message i say to my other friends but i dont want it to be totally noticeable)
    15 6514
  15. What could be some of the reasons my boyfriend wants me to gain weight?
    im pretty self conscious about this typa thing and tend to yea
    30 1148
  16. What is the best or cutest way to give a girl a necklace?
    23 4295
  17. What is the difference between being a "Wifey" and being a "Girlfriend"?
    28 1364
  18. How long does an average high school relationship last?
    20 5163
  19. Is it bad 2 have a 3some with you're boyfriend and his brother?
    especially wen they are almost 3 years older than you?
    81 1291
  20. do guys find it attractive if a girl rides a horse?
    13 858
  21. How..... Im a 16 year old virgin, but i have dildo that i just bought, i tried putting it in yesterday, but im too tight, whats something i can do to get it in?
    12 6215
  22. What age do most girls start fingurin themselves..?
    2 2095
  23. Can putting a lollipop in your vagina give you any infection?
    4 1272
  24. how can i get my boyfriend to suck my boobs harder?
    6 1642
  25. Whats the difference of a woman's pee to woman's squirt?
    2 888
  26. What should I do when I'm horny if I'm a virgin ?
    5 4270
  27. why does it bleed?
    ive been fingered twice but everytime it bleeds a bit but seriously not much. why wont it stop? im scared that the guy will think im like on my period when im not??
    3 1285
  28. How do I cuddle with my boyfriend in a movie theater?
    ok its going to be "funday" at school and my class is going to the movies (shrek 4 lol) and me and him are going to sit ALL the way in the back and i want to but my head on his shoulder (he asked me to also) but what do i do with my hands? (NO PERVERTE...
    5 4901
  29. how to make fingering a girl perfect?
    2 1353
  30. How do you give a guy a boner without being slutty?
    8 897
  31. How many girlies can feel a male ejaculation inside their vagina ?
    3 884
  32. Why did he lean his head on mine?
    the guy I like, and the guy who everyone thinks likes me has been letting me lean on his shoulder. And when I did, he leaned his head on mine. and another time when I was leaning on his shoulder he played with my hand and just tickled it lightly. ...
    4 772
  33. What can I text my boyfriend to turn him on?
    me and my boyfriend like to send each other dirty texts to turn each other on but I've seem to run out of good ideas. I need longish, explicit, dirty, amazing texts. someone help me on this please. kthanksbi (:
    3 1002
  34. How do lesbians dry hump ?
    My mates keep asking me .. How do lesbains dry hump .. what should I say.. ??
    1 1259
  35. What can I do if my boyfriend touch my ass?
    I have been with my boyfriend for five months (we both have 15). we always kiss but one day when we were kissing he put his hand in my ass and start touching it (this was the first time he did that). I dont know if this is noormal in a relationship be...
    5 6998
  36. How do I shake a guy so that he will cum quick??
    How do I shake a guy so that he will cum quick?? And if a guy cumz quikly is that a bad ting?
    1 776
  37. What does it mean when a girl wants to fall asleep in your arms?
    I was txting my soon to be girlfriend last night and she said that she wished I was there so she could fall asleep in my arms and knew she was safe. She also said she wanted me to hold her forever and never let go. What does this mean?
    9 3310
  38. How to tell if your boyfriend has a boner??
    Hey I was just woundering how can you tell if your boyfriend has a boner?? Is there a way to do it without touching his dick?
    3 4746
  39. What are some self bondage ideas?
    I have a role of duct tape, handcuffs, a tight 2 piece bikini, and a dildo but I don't have any self bondage ideas. I usually self bond myself in the bathroom so make bathroom related answers. I love tight self bondage. any ideas?
    3 1099
  40. When should I call my soon to be girlfriend babe?
    Me and this girl go to different high schools and are going to meet next weekend. We have been txting and calling eachother for almost a month now and im wondering if its too early to call her babe or should I wait untill after we meet. She says after ...
    4 1449
  41. What can I do to make it feel like I am getting eatten out?
    I want to feel like a guy is licking my p*ssy.. What can I do to make it feel like it?? I am a 13year old girl.. Thanks :)
    5 2121
  42. How to finger a girl outside her pants?
    Ok so I go over to my girlfriends house a lot and she likes when I touch her but she never takes her pants off because her parents are always home. How exactly do I figure out where her vag is by feeling outside the jeans? Can anyone help me or give me...
    5 1553
  43. How can I overcome being scared to be fingered?
    Well basically me and my boyfriend are both virgins but were not going to have s*x yet but we want to do some s*xual activites, I've already gave him a h*ndjob a few times and I want to give him a b*owjob and I know how to and he said I can so everythi...
    2 1331
  44. what is this clear liquid from my vagina after I fingered?
    ok so I am new to the whole fingering junk and I was fingering myself and this clear liquid came out and I have no clue what in the f*** it is. anybody know
    2 1055
  45. How do I get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her?
    I wanna get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her. What should I do? And how can I get her wet over the ph0ne? Please help thankz
    2 1019
  46. Why does it sting/ burn whilst getting fingered?
    Help. I recently got fingered and it stung/burnt around the opening of my vagina. Im a virgin and was well lubricated. Im really worried and just dont understand
    1 1797
  47. Why does my vagina hang down?
    my vagina hangs down so much it makes me sick just looking at it, my boyfriend has never said anything about it but he hardly goes down on me. my clittourous has also began to look quiete wrinkly help??
    4 852
  48. Who can tell me if Puerto Ricans have big penises?
    This might be a stupid puestion but do Puerto Ricans grow long c o c k s if they do I'll be happy because I'm puerto rican.
    5 4185
  49. How to tease someone you wanna get back?
    I really really really like this guy, but he likes this other girl. I'm friends with him so when we hangout I wanna like turn him on to the point were he can't resist, but I don't wanna make it that obvious. Anything would help, thankss (:
    1 911
  50. What does it mean when my boyfriend dry humps me?
    We've been dating 7 months, and he wants to wait till marriage, and I don't, but I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. Last night he came over, and we started gettting into it, and we started dry humping. Does that mean anything? Like does it mean he might no...
    2 999
  51. Why when I look at my vagina I think it looks skinny or not fat?
    Is there a way that I can make my vagina look fat and attractive please help anyone ):
    3 2643
  52. How does this feel to a guy?
    Ok so I just wanna know how if this feels good to a guy. Me and my boyfriend were getting really horny the other day so he started dry humping me,which felt awesome to me. The he lifted me up around his waist and kept humping...I came prbly around 4 t...
    3 5848
  53. What is tongue tornado?
    I want to know it's definition and procedure of the tongue tornado, in the movie american pie the talk about it. Please if anyone knows, I m listening.
    2 1005
  54. How to talk dirty via text message?
    I am texting with a guy I'm dating and he likes to text dirty and I never know what to say. His latest message said something about making him a sandwich in the nude. What do I write back to him?
    2 824
  55. What if my girl too tight?
    So my girl is virgin 1 finger fits But damn she tight Being asian I thought I would fit But no since my d!ck is like width of 4 middle fingers My friend say force it in She really wants me in her And well, I dont wanna hurt her or anything How?
    5 4902
  56. What can I say to make a girl rilly horny through text?
    I want to make this girl that I like rilly horny threw text anyone know what I can say?
    2 2287
  57. How can I make a guy cum quicker?
    How can I make my boyfriend cum a lot faster, so im not waiting for him 2 cum for ages and if he cums while his penis in your vagina can you tell? Thankkyaa x
    5 1420
  58. how would I finger my virgin girlfriend?
    ok so me and my girlfriend have been dating for 7 months and shes a virgin till marriage and im kool with that I respect her... well she likes it when I take my knuckles and rub against her vagina on the outside of her panties so my question how would ...
    2 2245
  59. How I will get to know that my girlfriend is virgin?
    I made the physical relations with my girlfriuend one time but bleeding was not there.After making the physical relations with someone once ,is it possible that still her hymen is not broken?
    2 818
  60. What do people mean when they say you have a fat vagina (pussy)?
    Well I was talking on the phone with this boy I talk to and he asked me if I had a fat pu*sy so I was wondering what is that supposed to mean and is it good. Also is iit good to have a "deep" pus*y I always hear that too please help me out!! Thanx
    1 897
  61. How can you make another girl finger you?
    Am 14 years old and am bi. I dont want to loose my virginity to my boyfrend so I want a girl to finger me but I dont know how or who to ask?
    5 861
  62. How: can you use baby oil if you havent got any lube?
    I was just wondering can you use baby oil instead of lube? If not what else could you use? I carnt get any lube /: also how could I tell my mum to get some baby oil with out saying its for pleasure? Hehe :)
    4 1854
  63. What is the difference between a 1st kiss and a 1st REAL kiss?
    I hear people say that they had their 1st kiss as a kid but their 1st REAL kiss as a teen and I never understand what the difference is =maybe thats because I havent had my 1st kiss yet but I also never get what they mean by REAL kiss isnt a kiss just ...
    8 1611
  64. What does he mean by putting his hand there?
    today my boyfriend, put his hand between my legs, close to my vagina. What does he mean when he does that? He's also grabbed my boob because he was sitting in a desk at school, and I was sitting with my back torwards him, and I was laying on him, so he...
    2 2128
  65. what is that brown liquide that comes out during anal?
    hi im 18 and my boyfriend took my butt virginity last nigh, it didnt hurt at all but brown liquide came out and went everywere!!! how do I stop that from happening?
    2 909
  66. Why am I so horny?
    Im only 14 and am having these extreme horny feelings, what should I do to prevent these horny feelings?
    6 5126
  67. How do I tell my boyfriend that he can touch me?
    Ok, so me and my boyfriend have been going out for a couple of months (like maybe 5) and he gives me lots of hugs and the occaintional kiss. I am not usually very touchy and he knows I will let him touch me, which is something special. Iwant to rimind ...
    3 2793
  68. What are words to describe your crush?
    What are some words that can describe your crush..and im a girl by the way
    3 8044
  69. Why guys always start by wanting to finger girls?
    I really needs to know I mean it brings no pleasure to them (the guys lol).and they always like to start off by wanting to finger you, is it like a test to see how tight your girl is? What? Please tell me if you know
    3 892
  70. Why did he touch my thigh or leg??
    Well my boyfriend touch my leg, and then he moved to my thihght area, and the he moved it on my innner thigh of my thihg, not my vagina, just my thigh. then he did it again when I was ding my scholwork at school?? also will a guy get turned on if you...
    3 13995
  71. What does cum taste like?
    Like if I guy wants yu to like drink/eat cum ... What does it taste like?? Is it good or bad??
    8 768
  72. How can I turn my boyfriend on, without sounding corny?
    Me and my boyfriend having been together for six and a half months. He is everything to me and we text morning till night unless one of us is busy. Somtimes over text he gets to sayin "ya" and "okay".. How can I get him really horny? we're really cl...
    2 1086
  73. How do I make myself squirt when I finger myself?
    I finger myself and have orgasms but I want to squirt for my boyfriend
    2 828
  74. When aguy fingers you does he get grossed out if the vagina is wet?
    Okay so like I have the white gooey stuff around my vagina and my boyfriend wants to finger me, would he be grossed out if he felt that in there, or if his finger came out wet?
    2 5703
  75. How would a virgin feel being eaten out?
    Im in a relationship with a girl and I realy like her and she a virgin I wanna eat her out but I wanna know would she like that considering she a virgin?
    2 1983
  76. Who likes when guys cum on your faces?
    Just curious on if you girls like when guys cum on your face or have done it before.
    4 891
  77. When you qet finqered are you still a virgin ?
    I was just wonderinq becausee I dont' know if you stop been a virgin if you qet finqered by someone
    3 796
  78. How to prepare myself to get fingered?
    I'm thirteen and gonna get fingered on wednesday I am so clueless and dont' know what the hell to do. How do I prepare myself? Does it feel good? help please?
    1 1788
  79. How do I get someone to eat me out or finger me?
    I really want to get to be fingered er eaten out im not ugly and im 14 so what should I do,Ima girl duh lol;p
    4 1090
  80. What do I say when dirty texting?
    What should I say?My boyfriend wants to dirty text but I don't know what to say.
    1 911
  81. What stages of hickeys like at first what it look like then day2,3?
    What are the visible stages of what a hickey look like when its done. Then day 2 as its fading then day 3
    2 4946
  82. What do I do when trying to give a hickey?
    I tried giving a hickey to my boyfriend but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it to turn a color. I just have no clue what I'm doing.. What do I do?
    3 934
  83. How to moan on the phone?
    When a boy asks you 2 moan on the phone what do you say what kind of sounds do you make when you moan would he like or not I want 2 kn0w how 2 m0an on the phone and what 2 say when I moan
    2 1652
  84. How to explain a boob hickey?
    I had a boob hickey 2 years ago my husband will not let it go. What is a good excuse to get him off my back?
    2 1837
  85. How do I feel up my boyfriend??
    Last night he felt me up while we were dancing. I was really suprised because he's somewhat shy so I didnt expect it. I really didnt know how to "feel" him up. I dont want him to feel uncomfortable or that I'm a whore or something. How do I do it witho...
    4 1988
  86. How do you give a boner?
    Can it be done anywhere? what does it feel like? Does anything come out when a boner happens?Does it involve the dick?
    4 1417
  87. How does eating a girl taste?
    Well my boyfriend wants to eat me out but I'm afraid it will taste nasty to him and that would be kinda embarassing don't you think.but how does it taste?do you boys like doing it?do you like the taste or dislike it?
    5 2244
  88. How can I finger myself and still virgin?
    Am an 18 years old, I want to finger myself without losing my virginity, is that possible? Also can I do it in my a** ?
    4 2986
  89. How do I make myself cum without getting scared?
    I want to make myself cum, but I am scared to put my finger in my pus*y in a little bit, let alone all the way. I mean I've put my finger in my a-hole about a centimeter in because it itched(ew) but I don't know about my pus*y. HELP ME
    2 1428
  90. What should I do if my crush smokes weed???
    I have the biggest crush on this sweet, fun, gorgeous guy. He's everything I ever wanted in a guy in I think he likes me too. I understand its high school and tons of people smoke it, but like its an everyday thing. He rolls joints in class and talks a...
    4 915
  91. What is a woman's vagina supposed to taste like?
    I'm going round my girlfriend's house this weekend and am hoping to get a bit of fanny :p but what should I expect it to taste like?
    2 1070
  92. What gets a guy really hard?
    Like what do guys think about to get them really hard? Like do hot movie scenes make you horny? or like pics of topless girls or what? Just curious lol :)
    3 1896
  93. What does it mean if your boyfriend touches your face while your kissing?
    When my boyfriend and I make out he touches my face or rubs my hair, he doesnt do this all the time but its what he mainly does. What does this mean? Does it mean hes really into me or he doesnt know what to do with his hands?
    3 1413
  94. What does it mean when a guy tells you he will make you wet?
    One day I was txting my boy friend and he told me he would make me wet ... what does it mean to be wet and is it a hurting kind of thing or a gross one or a cumm kinda thing ?
    3 1362
  95. How do I start a dirty text message conversation?
    like when a guy texts you and starts flirting and telling you dirty things, how do you continue it?
    2 1015
  96. What does it means when a guy bites your ear ?
    Ok , so , this one day , me my boyfriend was just hugging , all the sudden , I felt him bit my ear . it wasn't a nibble , just a normal bite . What does that means ? Lol , thank you . (:
    2 992
  97. What does it means when a guy bute your ear ?
    Ok , so , this one day , me & my boyfriend was just hugging , & all the sudden , I felt him bit my ear . it wasn't a nibble , just a normal bite . What does that means ? Lol , thank you . (:
    2 4391
  98. How can I get him in the mood?
    I really wanna know what I can do to put my boyfriend in the mood. I don't know why, but when I lick his neck it works. But I really wanna try something else. Any ideas?
    5 1675
  99. When I tried pulling my vag up and then I rubbing I ddnt feel it?
    When I tried pulling my vagina up and rubbing in circular motion I didnt feel anything ?
    1 841
  100. What does it mean when your boyfriend rubs your vagina?
    Today my boyfriend put his hands on my vigina but not probaly as I had trousers on but he started rubbing me there and it felt nice but I wanna no what that means if you guys evan no what I mean lol but im only 14 nearly 15 but I dont care I love him
    3 4215
  101. what do I do if a boy cums in my mouth?
    I want to give my boyfriend head and its my first time and im scared I will do it wrong and im just wondering what I do if he cums in my mouth and whether to swallow it or not?
    6 928
  102. When a guy fingers a girl do they like the smell of there fingers?
    Hellooo, Im 14 years old and my boyfriend is 15 and he wants to finger me I want him to as well but im scared that his fingers will smell afterwards! Do guys like the smell?? he is NOT pressuring me to do it! Please HELP!
    3 7850
  103. What position do you girls like when getting eaten out?
    What position do girls like when you guys get eaten out? Do you guys like it layin down or sittin down, 69
    5 1398
  104. Why do I get wet so fast?
    I would like to know why I get wet so fast. im still a virgin but I've gotten fingered and all and I get wet super fast anybody know why?
    2 4334
  105. What is the next step after holding hands?
    What is the next step after holding hands? Is it to hug? or maybe kiss? any ideas would be good : )
    2 1143
  106. Who can help me decide if my hymen broke?
    I am a virgin but I was fingered last night. Four fingers! I didn't bleed while he was doing it but when I went home, there was blood when I wiped. Is it likely that my hymen broke from him fingering me?
    5 1198
  107. what to expect when my boyfriend goes into the marines?
    so my boyfriend of one year is going to join the marines. we want to get married when I turn 18. he's two years older than me, hes 17 and im 15. I really really love this kid and he really wants to go into the marines. what should I expect? how long of...
    3 808
  108. What happens when you're fingered ? Does stuff come out ?
    What happens when you're fingered ? Does it hurt ? Does stuff come out if your vagina ? Should you moan ? Does it make his fingers smell ? Should you shave ? If stuff does come out will he freak out . Honestly ... (: please help ,, thnxx .
    6 16708
  109. How do I prepare to be a bottom boy?
    I am bi, and in love with my boyfriend. We are going to make love, and this will be my first time as a bottom. He is very well endowed, what should I do?
    4 831
  110. What does it mean when a guy bites his bottom lip?
    What does it mean when a guy is starin at a girl and he bites his bottom lip slowly??
    4 948
  111. Why does he always get mad at me for little things?
    Me and my ex are really close, he's pretty much my best friend.. but, sometimes he'll think something is wrong with me, like I'm mad or something.. So he'll ask 'what's wrong?' and If I say nothing, he thinks I'm lying.. Yesterday I went out for my bi...
    5 1096
  112. Why does my boyfriends cum taste werid?
    Everytime I give my boyfriend head and he cums, his cum tastes werid. It doesnt have a certain taste, but it makes me gag. What could cause his cum to taste werid?
    6 823
  113. Why does he always want to touch my stomach?
    Why does this one guy always want to touch my stomach? With my shirt on or whatever, he just wants to touch, rub, poke, tickle.. he like.. has an obsession with my stomach lol That's never happened to me before, and I'm the only girl he does that to.....
    4 2623
  114. How do I get my boyfriend to touch me?
    So all I really do with my boyfriends is like kiss, and I want more. I want him to touch my chest and other places. Pluse I want to make him happy. But the only way I can think of doing that is to tell him to touch me and I dont want to tell him. What ...
    1 1388
  115. How can I fist myself?
    Hey I'm an 18 year old girl and I've been pretty horny for the last few hours and I really wanna fist myself. I've heard it feels so good so please tell me how. if you don't want to write it in a answer just fun mail me. please and thank you, Jay. :)
    4 1264
  116. What are some way to feel like I am putting my dick in a pussy?
    I want good ways to feel like I have my penis going in and out of a vagina. Im 15 and im tired of humping pillows.
    6 4554
  117. What age did you first get fingered?
    Just wondering when other girls first do it. I was fingered for the first time last night. I am 13 and will be 14 in a month
    4 1309
  118. How do I get a good orgasm?
    Im 13, and trying to expeirence pleasure, I keep rubbing my clit, and fingering myself, But nothing seems to work. Can you help? I think im a lesbian, but I want to try it with a girl. I want to trib with a girl, and I want to get licked and finge...
    2 1372
  119. Who knows if it's possible to get alittle organism from kissing?
    When your making out with a guy/girl in your room or something is it possible to get alittle organism from only kissing him/ that normal???
    4 1910
  120. What does the fluid look like in the vagina when it's wet?
    My girlfriend and I live on different sides of the country and she just sent me a picture of her vagina and the fluid looks milky and thick. Should I be wondering if she is cheating on me or is this a natural fluid when she is excited?
    4 8810
  121. How is it possible to hurt a girl when you finger her?
    Im 15 and me and my girlfriend just started touchin more about a month ago and she is very shy.the first time I did finger her it started as just kissing and touching then she laid down and pulled me with her and then she told me that she wanted me to ...
    2 947
  122. What...should I let my boyfriend finger me?
    my boyfriend is 15 and im 13 and he wants to finger me...he loves me and I love him but im afraid of what he'll think of my body if he does
    18 4992
  123. When I got fingered my boyfriend said I was so tight is it a bad thing?
    k so I've never been fingered and before my boyfriend asked me out he asked me what I did and I just lied and said I was fingered before so now he likes me a lot and we've been dating for 3 months so he fingered me last night and said I was really tig...
    6 1514
  124. What do you do when your horny if you don't want to finger ?
    Ok, I'm 13 and NEVER fingered myself, and im really scared.. and people have been talking about using shower heads when your horny, and I've just been lately experiencing hormonal things, I WANT to finger myself but im just really scared, are there any...
    4 5432
  125. When the girl makes noise, is it good?
    When the girl makes lots of noise and scratches the guys back and sucks on his neck is it good, for the guy?? do guys like that??
    4 961
  126. What do you do when you are being fingered for the first time?
    Im 15 and my boyfriend and I have been going out for 5 months now. He's mentioned doing things and has asked me to let him finger me. I want to let him but im worried about discharge,bleeding,how to act and what to do when he does. Can anyone give me s...
    5 1052
  127. Why does my cum smell like baby formula?
    Is it normal for cum to smell like baby formula? And if not, is there something wrong?
    2 1225
  128. How can a girl cum ?
    or what makes her cum how can a boy hit her g-spot and make her cum ?
    1 1329
  129. What does it mean if he likes pulling my hair?
    sounds silly but what does it mean if the guy likes pulling my hair really hard and pulling my head back by my hair so he can kiss my neck? he also likes biting. kinky?!
    6 1936
  130. Why did I cry after being fingered?
    Yesterday was the first time I've been fingered by my boyfriend. After he was done fingering me I broke out crying and I have no idea why. I told him I didn't no why I was crying but then I just started to make up excuses. To make things worse, I looke...
    6 1569
  131. How many fingers can go in your vagina without popping your cherry?
    My boyfriend has put in 3 fingers, it hurted a little bit but I didn't bleed. Does that mean my cherry already popped, or 3 fingers just wasnt enough for it to pop?
    4 2022
  132. How does nibble piercing affect sensitivity in the nibble?
    Has anyone had a nibble piercing where it affected sensitivity and how much?
    1 1862
  133. How do I pleasure a girl with clothes on?
    I need to know how to bite a girl pleasurably or pleasure her while she is still clothed
    2 1837
  134. What do I do my boyfriend wants to see my boobs?
    Kk soo my boyfriend and me havve been dating for almost 4 months its been 3 now and hes already felt my boobs but now he wants too see them his hands kept going to my lala a.k.a vagina he kept rubbing it I guess to turn me on but iunno this was happeni...
    3 1696
  135. What does having a dream about hugging your crush mean?
    Okay so I had a dream that I was hugging the boy I had a crush on, what does this mean? I also had another one that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, it actually felt real, when I woke up I was so happy but then I realised after about 5 minutes it was ...
    3 1381
  136. How do I lick out my girlfriend when it smells like tuna ?
    My girl wants me to go down on her but she smells like fish, I mean every1 does it but I cant stand the smell of my fingers let alone my face being down there ? , should I use sum sort of scented oils or sumthing
    4 6975
  137. What is something that will turn him on in seconds?
    Tomorrow me and a guy are hanging, we do all the basic stuff to turn on each other. I want to do something different this time to make him turned on in seconds and supprise him. Help?
    2 11316
  138. How do I lay on top of my boyfriend while making out?
    Whenever I get on top, later on he jokes around telling me how I hurt him and stuff. I just wanna know how to position my legs and stuff.
    3 1012
  139. How do you get a girl horny without her wanting to do anything?
    I have a girl coming over and she said that she might not be too horny so I have to help and I don't know what I should do to get her horny without her having to do anything?
    3 1443
  140. When your getting fingered how do you know when you have an orgasm?
    I keep trying to see what it feels like but I have no clue I feel so many different things when I try fingering myself.. What does an orgasm feel like? please explain if you can
    4 2358
  141. Why do I keep seeing my ex's last name EVERYWHERE?
    lately I've been randomly seeing my ex-boyfriend last name on company cars, magazines, incoming mail, t-shirts, television commercials, & even cups, lol and its always in big, black bold letters. I also had ONE intimate dream about him. I must admit th...
    3 979
  142. Why does it sting my lips after kissing my girlfriend?
    When I kiss my girlfriend (best thing ever) I'm fine but awhile after my lips sting. Could it be from chapped lips or something? Input helpful thanx:)
    2 2530
  143. Why do I always have to pee after fingering myself?
    Every night I finger myself before I go to sleep.. After I have done it why do I always feel like I have to go and pee.. Also what are some good techniques of fingering to make it feel even better but less painful!? PLEASE HELP
    9 3690
  144. How do I have my erection unrestrained during a lap dance?
    When I go get a dance at a strip club I would get an erection but sometimes it is stuck there in my underwear or pants. I do not feel comfortable reaching down there and repositioning it. Is there a way to make it so that when it goes erect I do not ...
    5 1709
  145. How do you know when a girl has cummed?
    After getting to the reaching point I dont know what happens I dont know if I have cummed or what? Does something come out or what? What I mean is does a girl cum just like a guy ?
    3 2245
  146. can you make yourself have an orgasm without fingering yourself?
    Im a girl and im 15 and I wanted to know how to get an orgasm without fingering myself .thanks
    1 2841
  147. what do guys think of girls who finger themselves?
    does guy like it when girls touch themselves? does it turn them on or what?
    12 1393
  148. What do I do when my boyfriend won't let me use his bathroom?
    Well, my boyfriend won't let me use his bathroom cause he thinks it's gross. I stayed at his house one weekend & he wouldn't let me do my pee! I held it but once it got to the point where I was in pain, I made up an excuse & went home. How do I deal wi...
    6 1095
  149. should I let my boyfriend suck my tits?
    My boyfriend ask me can he suck my tits. And im not sure what to say. So thats why im asking someone else.
    6 7815
  150. how to finger myself to reach an orgasm?
    I'm 15 and I've been rubbing but I still dont know how to finger please help
    1 1022
  151. What dirty texts should I send to my boyfriend?
    I really want to text my boyfriend dirty messages so it will turn him on and so he will want to text me more...please any answers are much appreciated...
    4 8022
  152. When I let my boyfriend finger me do I have to take my pants off?
    Im not sure if I have to take my pants off for my boyfriend to finger me... Do I?
    6 1317
  153. Where should a girl out her hands on a guy when they're making out?
    It's my first time so HELP! My boyfriend finally wants to make out with me and I want to but he has experience unlike me. What should I do with my hands? My lips? Any tips are great but especially with where I should put my hands.
    8 1264
  154. Why can I not make a sounds while being fingered?
    Like when I get fingered for some reason I can not make a noise I just gasp and bit my lip?
    2 1034
  155. How do I get my boyfriend to eat me out?
    ok me and my boyfriend have been going out for a few months now I am 13 and he is 14. and I have given him head but I never seem to get anything in return. I mean he has had me with my top off and he has fingered me but I really want him to go a bit fu...
    6 1051
  156. How to get a guy horny with lots of details?
    I need lots of details because thats what I need help with. This guy loves when I get him horny. So im trying to make him super horny. Anything I can say to make that happen?
    1 1325
  157. What does it mean if a guy calls you sweetheart?
    I've met this guy for quiet a while , we are kinda like friends , we dont see each other often but we do talk a lot on a social site but no long conversations. But one day , just the next day after we met he told me on a social site : hey sweetheart , ...
    3 1155
  158. how do I finger myself:im too scared to do it ?
    Im too scared to finger myself. All I do is rub it. and how does it feel, because I really really want to try it out.
    2 3252
  159. Why did he touch my lips that way?
    The guy I am dating did this, I licked my lips walking down the hall way and he stopped me came real close to me and with two of his finger gently touched my lips, I think there were shiny and he got that off of me and gazed into my eyes. Ok, was thi...
    5 791
  160. What is the best way to give my girl an orgasm?
    Ok were virgin newly weds I want to give here the best night
    1 1508
  161. How do you feel up a girl?
    Im 13 and a girl is getting really horny with me and she offerd to let me feel her up but I said mayby some other time. But I really want to so how do I do it? Plese help
    9 4015
  162. What is the best way to caress a girls butt to where she wont slap?
    Just wonderin if any of you girls find it a turnoff to touch a girls butt, or is their a certain way to do it that is not disrespectful at all.
    6 19212
  163. Why do girls sit on your lap?
    Why do girls sit on your lap. I dont mind it or anything, I enjoy it when a pretty girl sits on leg, just wanna know if there is anymore to this than just finding a place to sit? XD
    5 1730
  164. How do I know if im a virgin?
    Last night I was being fingered and my hymn broke and bled abit. does that mean im not a virgin?
    5 2186
  165. How do you finger yourself really good ?
    I was readding my friends text and she told her boyfriend that she fingerd her self thinking about him I no what it is but how do yu do it ?
    3 911
  166. How can I make my girl cum quicker ?
    How can I mke my girl cum quicker and make her dirtyer in the bedroom ?
    1 974
  167. How to get your girlfriend to touch you/ let you touch her?
    the perverted way... I want to feel her breasts and finger her and for her to touch/suck me. help?
    1 2373
  168. How do you finger urself...where exactly do you put your fingers?
    Im always on this website and I really want 2 finger but I dont really know exactly where 2 put your finger/fingers...I need advice.
    5 1601
  169. Why: Is it normal for it to make noise when he fingers me?
    When my boyfriend fingers me, it starts making like a queefing sound? It's really embarassing and I start getting self conscious and it makes it harder for me to cum. Is this noise normal?
    4 2499
  170. How will cum taste if I eat tangerines instead of pineapples?
    I eat a lot of tangerines and im like a fiend for them but I've been told and read that pineapples make someones cum taste better will tangerinse also do the same?
    2 1160
  171. Where is a place to kiss in school?
    Where is a good place to kiss in school when you dont want anyone to see
    1 982
  172. How do you tell your boyfriend he does not last long enough in bed?
    He cums almost immediately after putting his penis inside me. It really sucks! I asked him why he cums so fast , and he said he usually can cum 5 or 6 times.
    1 1410
  173. When fingering a girl, how do you know when to stop?
    What's the best way to know when to stop? Will she tell you? Whats the best method to stop? This is goes for fingering/eating out... Thnx for your help :)
    4 782
    My vagina lips are so huge, they bother me... have only been wit my boyfriend and of course he loves them but thats because he loves me... Im just curious to what men think bout women havin large clits do they think its disgusting, do they prefer vagin...
    3 1596
  175. Why do girls not eat in front of guys? Does it turn off guys?
    Ok...I don't know but this bugs the Hell out of me haha. I know a few people that won't even look at food when they are with their boyfriend. I don't understand why lol. I was at a Halloween party, adn this girl was there and he boyfriend was also. The...
    18 3427
  176. What to do while getting eaten out?
    Alright well I'm not sure if I have yeast infection or not. But if I do my boyfriend really wants to eat me out, and I really want him to. I've never been eaten out and I would love if he did. Is it okay for him to do so?
    3 1900
  177. How long after your cherry pops do you start bleedingg?
    How long after your cherry pops do you start bleeding? my boyfriend of nine months wants to finger me and im afraid that if he does, he will pop my cherry and bleed all over me. how much do you usually bleed when your cherry is popped?
    1 5782
  178. Why do guys while kissing, get hard yet dont pull back?
    What I mean is when kissing a guy they tend to get hard and usually they pull away from a girl but...when I makeout with my boyfriend I feel his you know what :) but he pulls me closer and harder. What does that mean? I just wanna know other peoples po...
    3 1715
  179. Why did he stop? Did he cum?
    I was with my boyfriend last week and after a lot of kissing etc, I undid his jeans and was touching his penis through his underwear. then after a few minutes, he seemed to want to stop cause he sat up and wasnt all over me (kissing and stuff) like he ...
    4 860
  180. What Makes you want to "take" from the behind? (guys & girls)?
    What is so attractive about taking girls from behind? What does it feel like? Is it Better than the front? Is it Hotter?
    10 4986
  181. Should I let my boyfriend finger me when were at the movies?
    [ok so my boyfriend and I have been going out for a while and touching and things but we haven't ever messed around underneath my underwear because I've never been ready. im not sure if im ready now or not [he said he wants to at the movies today] beca...
    8 1718
  182. How to give him a boner?
    Ok so me and my boy have been dating for a month and a half..and I only get to see him at school. but during football games I would always give him a boner just by rubbing up against him, and I love it! It just makes me smile, knowing I give him the fe...
    5 1792
  183. how does a girl cum? what does cum mean?
    how does a girl cum? can a girl cum? what does it mean? please answer meh question!
    4 3161
  184. Why do boys like sucking on breasts?
    My boyfriend loves sucking and fondling my tits and I just don't get why. What is the attraction that guys have to breasts? It doesn't make sense to me, I mean I get why they like vag*na but breast?
    4 19742
  185. What is a good comeback for someone that just called me a hoe?
    This person on a social site (we use to be friends) and now shes calling me a hoe so what should I do
    12 9837
  186. Why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth?
    I'm curious why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth and what are you even supposed to do? haha I had this happen not to long ago and was totally thrown off.
    8 16704
  187. Whats a good dirty bet?
    Ok my boyfriend have won most bets we made so wats one that the girlfriend can with at thts dirty and or cute?
    1 1448
  188. How else can I touch my guy when we make out??
    What else can I do to my guy when we are making out? Like he grabs my ass and all that, but what else can I do to him besideess tousle his hair and have my arms around his neck? Help please!
    4 3312
  189. how...Does it hurt the first time you get fingered?
    I want to know if it hurts the first time you get fingered, Before I let my boyfriend finger me.
    2 2498
  190. How do girls hump a pillow?
    how do girls hump a pillow in bed, naked so it feels good? step by step
    4 3824
  191. why do guys enjoy fingering a girl ?
    . Why do boys like fingering girls ? How does the whole process goes ? Everything from making out to sticking his finger in . and how do guys react to it ?
    3 1358
  192. How does it feel to get fingered?
    Hey, I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 months, and all we've done is kissed.. I really wanna move to the next step, but I'm kinda scared. Does it hurt when someone fingers you for the first time? and where is the best place to do it ?
    2 2604
  193. why did my vagina stop throbbing?
    im a 17 yr old girl and when I was about 14 my vagina use to throb all the time and I loved it! but as I got older it just stopped. I want to know how to get that feeling back
    1 914
  194. I got fingered and gave a hand job and head and then got fingered
    im only fourteen and I got fingered gave head and I got fingered again . im not sure if he ame or not because although he says he did I didnt taste or feel anything different in my mouth . after I gave him head I gave him a wank and he fingered me aga...
    3 783
  195. where is the best place to be fingered at without getting caught
    ok me and my boyfriend have decided we are both ready for him to finger me but we have no clue where to do it at. each of our parents are sneaky and rarely let us be alone and whem they do its like for 2 minutes so where could we?
    1 914
  196. Fingering- virginity
    Can a boy know if you are a virgin or not by fingering you?
    4 4111
  197. Why do I keep rubbing my vagina?
    Why do I keep rubbing my vagina? Does it mean I am horny?
    2 1637
  198. Why do I cum so fast
    Can someone please help me??? When me and my wife have intercourse I always cum fast and I hate it!
    3 818
  199. How does a girl cum!!!
    I have seen lots of porn. And I have seen girls cum... and when I say cum I mean white stuff come out of their vigina. Or can a female do that???
    2 769
  200. how do I tell if a girl wears a thong or not
    how I tell if a girl wears a thong or not?
    1 1140
  201. Could I possibly be pregnant if...
    -My stomach is really hard at certain places -my breast have been really tender. -I'm on the pill but me and my boyfriend don't use condoms. -I have break through bleeding. -I have ben having really bad stomach cramps and tight feeling in my stoma...
    2 940
  202. How can I finger myself properly?
    im 13 I've ben tryn to do a gud fingering job scienc I was nine I don't know why one day I put a pencil their then eveantly I used my finger but I cant seem to get it rt
    2 1400
  203. How to make a girl wet?
    How to make a girl wet?
    3 2421
  204. why is it so hard for a tomboy to get a boyfriend?
    why is it so hard for a tomboy to get a boyfriend? I'm a tomboy and I've had many crushes. but they said no because I'm to boyish. wtf I don't want to change my image but how can I help the situation
    5 818
  205. Which hole?
    I want to finger myself but I dont know which hole it is Please help?
    3 2119
  206. Has my boyfriend broken my hymen?
    I am 14 and my boyfriend has fingered me a few times now and today he fingered me and when he took his finger out he and a little tiny drop of red/yellow stuff on his finger It is not my period and I did feel a little bit of pain. But has he broken i...
    1 5131
  207. If i let my boyfriend finger me am i still a virgin?
    My boyfriend finger me recently. When he's fingering me, there's a blood on his finger. Just a little bit of blood. Im confuse, is it because of my menstruation. Or I really lose my virginity?
    6 1483
  208. Top 10 ways to make a guy horny?
    what are some top 10 ways to turn on a boy / make him horny?
    4 1738
  209. When your boyfriend pressed on your breasts, did it hurt?
    I was with my boyfriend last night and he started touching my breasts while kissing me. He then stopped and took my top and bra off. He started squeezing my breasts while kissing me and then he started to suck on them. I really enjoyed him doing it and...
    4 45333
  210. OPPS! what is pre-cum?
    so I gave my boyfriend a hand job yesterday. I told him to let me knwo when he came but he didnt say anything. after a while I notice his boxers were wet, so I stopped and we ocntinued makeout for a while... was the pre-cum? how can I tell?
    3 937
  211. Why do women bleed when they loose their virginity
    My young niece "16" lost her virginity and now is asking me why women bleed when they loose their virginity...I'd rather not talk to her about dick in pussy, etc, and am planning on sharing this with her parents.
    1 1429
  212. Getting wet from just making out?
    well me and my boyfriend make out a lot... and like for a really long time.. and usually I get reallyy wet.. like crazy, and he feels me up and blah blah blah but he hasnt ever fingered me, but he has fu*ked me.. so thats a little messed up but anway.....
    2 808
  213. When a girl gets wet, is it cum or discharge?
    See when girls get wet , what is that wet is it cum or discharge ?
    1 2092
  214. How can I involve my boobs when pleasuring myself?
    I want to involve my tits when im pleasuring myself, and good ways.
    2 1007
  215. Dirty truth or dares
    What are some good/dirty truth or dares? There are going to be guys and girls
    2 9490
  216. What makes a girls cum taste sweet?
    Ok so this is a weird question.. But what makes a girls cum taste sweet? Or what should she ea to make it taste sweet?
    3 2376
  217. Will my hymen break ? Please help
    Im 18 still a virgin I hve been with my boyfriend for 7 months & we really love each other... I want him 2 finger me and he wants my question is will I lose my virginity or break my hymen or nt ?? Thnkx =]
    2 4117
  218. Me and my sis do 'stuff'. Do you (or have you ever?).
    I asked this elsewhere but it may be more properly put here. I am a 17 year old guy, and my sister is 16. We are very happy, and have a non-abusive normal family with no issues at all. We are both doing excellent in school and have good friends. I have...
    5 875
  219. My boyfriend wants to finger me, should I ?
    My boyfriend wants to finger me, should I ? Im 13, hes 14 And if you say yes should I shave like compelty? Or what?
    4 1586
  220. How do I know if I've lost my virginity?
    I recentely went to my boyfriends house and he put his penis in my vagina but I dont think he popped my cherry... Have I lost my virginity or not? I've asked friends and family and they seem to think I have but im still not convinced... Please help :)
    4 1085
  221. how do I pleaseure myself?
    how do I pleaseur myself? my breast are verry sencative and I love my boyfriend touching them and sucking them. how can I pleasure myself? what should I do uther than fingering?
    1 2825
  222. What to say after someone jokingly says I love you?
    What do I say to say to someone who says I love you in a joking way?
    4 1073
  223. what should I do when my boyfriend is sucking my boobs
    What should I be doing while my boyfriend is sucking on my boobs?
    8 58896
  224. I want to make a great fake vagina
    I love my girlfriend and miss her pussy.I was wondering how to make a fake vagina
    4 931
  225. New ways to finger myself
    I need new ways to finger myself any advice?
    1 4302
  226. How do you know if a girl is horny?
    How do you know if a girl is horny
    3 966
  227. What to do when horny?
    I feel very horny and I don't know what to do. What should I do? Any good ideas girls?
    2 1684
  228. ALWAYS horny :S
    I am always horny and it seems that jacking off just isnt cutting it cause im continuously there something wrong with me?
    1 970
  229. How do I make myself get really horny?
    Im a girl and I want to get really horny but I dont know how I dont want to think about stuff I want to finger myself but any ideas on how I can make myself get really horny?
    7 4422
  230. Is it normal for me to get horny like everyday
    Hey I'm 13 turning 14 in a few months is it normal for me to get horny like everyday btw I'm girl
    1 1700
  231. How do you finger a girl, and how do you get her wet?
    How do you finger a girl?
    2 1704
  232. Guys, where do you like to be touched?
    I know all guys like to be touched in different places and rubbed, grabbed, poked lol differently as well whats yours? Like how do I touch the dick and aren't there other places I should be touching?
    1 1001
  233. What are some dirty truth or dares?
    I need so truth or dares to ask some guys over texting like they can be sending pikks and videos and they can be very very very dirty
    1 3314
  234. Different ways to mastubate?
    I try rubbing my clit and sticking my finger in my vagina but I dont get plesure I mean I cum but no plesure what should I do
    3 860
  235. Cum, just wondering
    See the cum that comes out a girl does it taste the same as the cum that comes out a boy ?
    3 1620
  236. Wud you get wet if a boy feels yer boobs?
    Girls: do you get wet when a boy feels your boobs?
    7 2590
  237. How To Give A Guy A Boner
    I'm meeting this guy on saturday, and he's really into me. how do I give him a boner? I want to do it without touching his dick (or wait till he gets hard before I touch it).
    2 2576
  238. Are you still a virgin if you use a vibrator?
    Are you still a virgin if you use a vibrator?
    3 766
  239. how do I know if im still a virgin?!
    I know that sounds like the dumbest ? ever. I mean hell im suppose to KNOW righT? well the thing is my boyfrinds penis didnt go in all the way just the very tip of his head.. and it hurt so bad like taking a knife&trying to put it up my vagina lol... b...
    8 1311
  240. Why can I only get 1 finger in?
    I see woman in porn fingerin them selves and they shove like 3 or more fingers down there I sturggle 2 get 1 in why is that?!? (im a 14 yr old girl (well you now the girl bit lol))
    3 830
  241. How can I accept my small penis?
    Hi people, I'm insecured with my penis. I have a "grower" type of penis, flaccid is 2", and erect is 5.4" I'm very insecured of my flaccid state, 2" when I go to the toilet, or if I had to show my penis to a lady, what would they think.. Well I know m...
    9 964
  242. Does male and woman semen taste similar?
    Does a mans cum and a womans cum taste similar.
    1 837
  243. What do you do when a guy kisses your neck?
    what do you do when a guy kisses your neck? like, do you just sit there? or what?!?!
    4 6490
  244. I regret letting my boyfriend eat me out, is he grossed out by me now?
    So last night my boyfriend told me that he wanted to eat me out, and I was like I don't know... about it because I didn't want him to be grossed out by me, and I'm really shy about down there because I'm a virgin. So we made out for a while, and then I...
    4 1177
  245. Does every girl finger themselves?
    I read about it all of the time how these girls are fingering themselves and stuff but I just cant do it. Should I? I dont feel that comfortable doing it but I want can I?
    6 3759
  246. what dies it mean
    I was fingered (guy had long fingers) I started bleeding... I have a little bit of discharge with blood in it... I was fingered about 4 to 5 days ago... does anyone know what might have happened... I am worried that something was scratched
    1 854
  247. If a guy cums inside you, can you feel it?
    If a guy cums inside you, can you feel it?
    5 1034
  248. Why do her nipples itch after being sucked?
    She says her nipples start to itch. Later she says during the day they dont stop itching and start to bug her through her shirt. Is it something im doing?
    2 2324
  249. can fingering loosen me?
    I was just wondering if fingering is able to loosen my *hoohah* a ltittle bit so I'm not as tight
    1 960
  250. How many times are you supposed to bleed after anal?
    How many times are you supposed to bleed after anal? Is it normal? When can you do it and NOT bleed?
    4 1624