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Why when I look at my vagina I think it looks skinny or not fat?

Is there a way that I can make my vagina look fat and attractive please help anyone ):

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Married & In Love with another man

Hello please help me im 24 been married for 7 years and I have two little girls but for the last year I have been having an affair and im in love with this guy but I dont want to hurt my husband because I do care for him im so confused please help me P...

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What do people mean when they say you have a fat vagina (pussy)?

Well I was talking on the phone with this boy I talk to and he asked me if I had a fat pu*sy so I was wondering what is that supposed to mean and is it good. Also is iit good to have a "deep" pus*y I always hear that too please help me out!! Thanx

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Can a married man have feelings for the "other woman"?

How do you know if the married man you're having an affair with really cares for you? I have been seeing this guy for almost four years. We are together once a week or more. I am a married women. My husband is a good man! The married man wife is a good...


Does male and woman semen taste similar?

Does a mans cum and a womans cum taste similar.

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How do I talk freaky to a boy?

how do I talk freaky to a boy cause im lost and I really want a boy to just be like man she is a freak and have them just freakin in love wit me

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Can a guy really have a 14 inch penis?

I know about eights and nines, and I was talking to my girlfriend the other day, and she said her man has a 14 inch hard. Is that possible?

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My wife's affair

I caught my wife cheating on me with another man about a year ago in which she said that the affair had ended. Well my wife had a baby about 2 months ago and it is half black and we are both white. What should I do, I am having trouble coping with this.

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52 reasons why I like you

I found this craft I really want to do for my boyfriend, but man! It's really hard to think of 52 reasons why you like someone.
If you were to do this craft for someone you love, what would you put? I know it depends on the feelings, I'm just looking...


My boyfriend is in Jail and I love him so much!!!

My boyfriend is in jail and I love him so much!!! He is the best man I ever cam e in contact with, he help me in school, He open my eyes in many ways. I feel lonley without him, he is facing 15 years in federal prision. Honestly he was and is my futu...



My vagina lips are so huge, they bother me... have only been wit my boyfriend and of course he loves them but thats because he loves me... Im just curious to what men think bout women havin large clits do they think its disgusting, do they prefer vagin...

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Why would it bleed twice?

ok im kinda embarras to ask but I need to know.I been with my man for a while and we decided to experiment so he fingured me for the first time and but he didn't go all the way in cause it was hurting me and he stopped it cause he didn't want to hurt m...

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