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How to make a girl wet?

How to make a girl wet?

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How to make her more wet?

how do I make my girlfriend more wet?

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How do you finger a girl, and how do you get her wet?

How do you finger a girl?

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How do girls get wet?

How do girls get wet in the vagina ?? n what is wet??

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When a girl gets wet, is it cum or discharge?

See when girls get wet , what is that wet is it cum or discharge ?

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How can I tell if my girlfriend is wet?

How can I make my girlfriend wet? also how can I tel if shes wet? fanx :-)

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how can I get her wet.

how can I get my girl friend wet without fingering her or anything like that?

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Wud you get wet if a boy feels yer boobs?

Girls: do you get wet when a boy feels your boobs?

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getting really wet

so whenever guys rub me and finger me I get really wet. is that normal?

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How to get yourself wet

When your about to finger yourself, I know you have to be wet. What is a good way to get yourself really wet so it works well?


How do I get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her?

I wanna get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her.
What should I do?
And how can I get her wet over the ph0ne?

Please help thankz

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When I get 'wet', I get really 'wet'..

My boyfriend really likes to tease me before he actually removes my pants and/or underwear. I get SUPER wet, like to the point of where it leaves a massive wet mark on my pants! (Yes, it does seep through my underwear and pants! yeah, it's a lot!!!)


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Why do I get wet so fast?

I would like to know why I get wet so fast.
im still a virgin but I've gotten fingered and all and I get wet super fast anybody know why?

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Do guys like it really wet?

Hey do you think its gross when your like about to finger/eat a girl out and shes reallly wet? Its that a bad or a good thing?

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When aguy fingers you does he get grossed out if the vagina is wet?

Okay so like I have the white gooey stuff around my vagina and my boyfriend wants to finger me, would he be grossed out if he felt that in there, or if his finger came out wet?

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What does it mean when a guy tells you he will make you wet?

One day I was txting my boy friend and he told me he would make me wet ... what does it mean to be wet and is it a hurting kind of thing or a gross one or a cumm kinda thing ?

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My wife's affair

I caught my wife cheating on me with another man about a year ago in which she said that the affair had ended. Well my wife had a baby about 2 months ago and it is half black and we are both white. What should I do, I am having trouble coping with this.

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What does the fluid look like in the vagina when it's wet?

My girlfriend and I live on different sides of the country and she just sent me a picture of her vagina and the fluid looks milky and thick. Should I be wondering if she is cheating on me or is this a natural fluid when she is excited?

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What is it when a girl "gets wet?"

we dont understand what it is because we have heard that it is cum . . . but it cant be because girls dont have sperm and cum is sperm so how can a girl cum?? and if it is not cum then what is it that comes out of the vagaina??

Please answer we rli ...

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How to get a girl wet?

well I was just wonderin
if anyone out there had any good
ideas on how to get a girl wet...?
I know all girls are diffrient but if you had any good
experiances or just happen to know how its done, then feel free to share
wit the rest of us .. thankz ...

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How do you tell your boyfriend he does not last long enough in bed?

He cums almost immediately after putting his penis inside me. It really sucks! I asked him why he cums so fast , and he said he usually can cum 5 or 6 times.

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My wife wants to bring a friend home...but I'm not so sure...

I have been married for 4yrs...we live together and everything is smooth. recently, she asked me if I wanted to bring another girl into bed... she works with this girl who is pretty cute... but I can't seem to decide if this would be a good idea or ...

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Getting wet from just making out?

well me and my boyfriend make out a lot... and like for a really long time.. and usually I get reallyy wet.. like crazy, and he feels me up and blah blah blah but he hasnt ever fingered me, but he has fu*ked me.. so thats a little messed up but anway.....

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I'm Jealous Of My Boyfriend's Relationship With His Ex Wife

My boyfriend and I have been constantly fighting for the past 6 months about his relationship with his ex wife. They remain very close friends and I am very jealous of it. I don't think I have anything to worry about, but they were together for 13 year...


My Ex-wife Wants Me Back, What Should I Do?

My ex wife wants me back. First of all, we were married 13 years when she started having an affair with a co-worker. She then left me on February 14th, Taking our 9 yr. old daughter. Our 12 yr. old son wanted nothing to do with her for the next year. W...


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