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how long does a girl finger herself???

how long does a girl finger herself???

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how can I get my vigina tight?

how can I get my vigina tight

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if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?

if a condom gets stuck in your vigina what could happen?


Does it take a long time?

Does it take a long time for you boyfriend to become hard/cum while dry-humping? Or is it just simple pleasure?

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how long should I wait untill I let him finger me

im 16. I've never been fingered long should I wait untill I let my boyfriend finger me?

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How long after your cherry pops do you start bleedingg?

How long after your cherry pops do you start bleeding? my boyfriend of nine months wants to finger me and im afraid that if he does, he will pop my cherry and bleed all over me. how much do you usually bleed when your cherry is popped?

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how long should a hand job last?

me and my ex boyfriend hooked up an di gave him a hand job. it didnt last long at all like not even two minutes before he cummed.

I know its different on every guy but is that normal how long should they be?

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Is it normal to bleed for so long?

Im a virgin && My Boyfriend fingered a few nights ago like on sunday && I didnt stop bleeding untill wednesday..Is that normal??

((And I've been fingered before but the first time I bled was on sunday))

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How do you tell your boyfriend he does not last long enough in bed?

He cums almost immediately after putting his penis inside me. It really sucks! I asked him why he cums so fast , and he said he usually can cum 5 or 6 times.

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curious bout mi vigina

ok, I got another one. yes I know us girls get what we call wet!! but... shouldn't WE ONLY GET WET when we are aroused or horny. an what color should our discharge be, stuff comes out of me almost looks like nut, but it's thick an white, sticky. which ...

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How to make a woman tighter?

how many ways is there to make a vigina tighter, and what are those ways


What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish?

What is a good nickname to call a girl in spanish. I want to give my girl a nickname in spanish but I don't want it to be really long, so what is a good nickname.

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How does a girl cum!!!

I have seen lots of porn. And I have seen girls cum... and when I say cum I mean white stuff come out of their vigina.

Or can a female do that???

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Why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth?

I'm curious why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth and what are you even supposed to do? haha I had this happen not to long ago and was totally thrown off.

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Who can tell me if Puerto Ricans have big penises?

This might be a stupid puestion but do Puerto Ricans grow long c o c k s if they do I'll be happy because I'm puerto rican.


sticking things up

when put stuff for example a cucumber up your you know wats the worst that can happen?do you have to of have your period before putting thing in your vigina because I've never had my period and I get horny.

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When you're getting fingered

Okay so when you get fingered do you have to take off your pants..cause I usually wear tight jeans.. And for long do you usually last before you have an organism??


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How do I give head to a penis that is really thick?

This guy I like has a really thick piece and its long too. My mouth is average and when i put his stuff in my mouth i can get just a little bit over the head thatz it. How do I get more in?

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what dies it mean

I was fingered (guy had long fingers) I started bleeding... I have a little bit of discharge with blood in it... I was fingered about 4 to 5 days ago... does anyone know what might have happened... I am worried that something was scratched


Are his nails making me bleed?

hi im not a virgin but I just started dating my new boyfriend recently. he has been fingering me and a couple of times he did I started bleeding but sometimes when he does, I dont bleed. maybe his nails are too long? because when I m*sturbate I never b...

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What does it mean when your boyfriend rubs your vagina?

Today my boyfriend put his hands on my vigina but not probaly as I had trousers on but he started rubbing me there and it felt nice but I wanna no what that means if you guys evan no what I mean lol but im only 14 nearly 15 but I dont care I love him

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Getting wet from just making out?

well me and my boyfriend make out a lot... and like for a really long time.. and usually I get reallyy wet.. like crazy, and he feels me up and blah blah blah but he hasnt ever fingered me, but he has fu*ked me.. so thats a little messed up but anway.....

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15 years old, what will my girlfriend think of my small penis?

I am 15 years old and am just starting puberty so my penis is pretty small and I only have a little bit of pubic hair. My girlfriend really wants to give me a handjob, but to be honest, I am worried what she will think of my penis. My penis is only abo...

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