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Can you finger a boy?

Can you finger a boy?

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Why do boys like to finger girls?


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Wud you get wet if a boy feels yer boobs?

Girls: do you get wet when a boy feels your boobs?

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Places to touch a boy

What are the best places to touch a guy when your just talking or kissing or whatever? Places to turn him on?

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How do I prepare to be a bottom boy?

I am bi, and in love with my boyfriend. We are going to make love, and this will be my first time as a bottom. He is very well endowed, what should I do?

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How do I talk freaky to a boy?

how do I talk freaky to a boy cause im lost and I really want a boy to just be like man she is a freak and have them just freakin in love wit me

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Where's the best place to touch a boy?

See when touching a boy, whats the best place to touch him? like were does he get more enjoyemnt and is there anything girls can do to make them really horny?

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what do I do if a boy cums in my mouth?

I want to give my boyfriend head and its my first time and im scared I will do it wrong and im just wondering what I do if he cums in my mouth and whether to swallow it or not?

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Why do boys like sucking on breasts?

My boyfriend loves sucking and fondling my tits and I just don't get why. What is the attraction that guys have to breasts? It doesn't make sense to me, I mean I get why they like vag*na but breast?

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What does having a dream about hugging your crush mean?

Okay so I had a dream that I was hugging the boy I had a crush on, what does this mean? I also had another one that we were boyfriend and girlfriend, it actually felt real, when I woke up I was so happy but then I realised after about 5 minutes it was ...

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Why do white girls want to date black boys?

I am not trying to sound prejudice but it seems that there are so many mixed relationships out there and I wonder what it is about it ,is just the thrill of having people stare at daughter is in a relationship with a worthless guy who is mexican...


I Like A Boy Who Has A Girlfriend, But He Seems To Like Me

there is this guy I met at the YMCA. he's a lifeguard. he calls me almost everynight and we talk for hours. whenever he's working he likes me to come and hang out with him. I found out he had a girlfriend but he never told me. so I confronted him about...


Fingering- virginity

Can a boy know if you are a virgin or not by fingering you?

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Cum, just wondering

See the cum that comes out a girl does it taste the same as the cum that comes out a boy ?

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what causes people to be horny?

what causes people to be horny? what happens when a girl gets horny? what happens when a boy gets horny?

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Top 10 ways to make a guy horny?

what are some top 10 ways to turn on a boy / make him horny?

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How can a girl cum ?

or what makes her cum how can a boy hit her g-spot and make her cum ?

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Boob touching...

Should I let my neighbor, who is a boy, who likes me, touch my boobs?
And if I should should he touch outside my shirt or should I let him go in my shirt?

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What should I ask when playing 20 Questions with my crush?

IM playing 20 questions with a boy I really like... what should I ask... and hurry lol


why do guys enjoy fingering a girl ?

. Why do boys like fingering girls ? How does the whole process goes ? Everything from making out to sticking his finger in . and how do guys react to it ?

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When grinding..

When grinding do you move in the same direction as the guy moves? Or do you let the boy move right to left and you just shake your butt any way you want?

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How to moan on the phone?

When a boy asks you 2 moan on the phone what do you say what kind of sounds do you make when you moan would he like or not I want 2 kn0w how 2 m0an on the phone and what 2 say when I moan


How to tell if a guy likes you in middle school?

Okay,so I'm 13 and there is this boy in my class who I think may like me.So I was wondering...what are some signs that a guy likes you in middle school?


How does eating a girl taste?

Well my boyfriend wants to eat me out but I'm afraid it will taste nasty to him and that would be kinda embarassing don't you think.but how does it taste?do you boys like doing it?do you like the taste or dislike it?

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What does it mean when a guy tells you he will make you wet?

One day I was txting my boy friend and he told me he would make me wet ... what does it mean to be wet and is it a hurting kind of thing or a gross one or a cumm kinda thing ?

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