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When a guy eats you out, what does the girl do?

What do you do when a guys eats you out?

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Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?

Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?

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what do guys think of girls who finger themselves?

does guy like it when girls touch themselves?
does it turn them on or what?

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How do a guy turn on a girl?

How can a guy turn on a girl?? Without touching their vagina and boobs.

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What does it mean when a guy calls a girl thick?

what does it mean when a guy calls a girl thick? is it a good or bad thing?

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Do guys enjoy fingering girls?

Do guys enjoy fingering girls? My boyfriend does it a lot & I can't tell if he actually likes doing it or just does it because he thinks I like it.

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Does it gross out guys to eat a girl out?

So, are guys like, repulsed when they eat a girl out? Do they do it just to please girls, or is there some enjoyment there? what can a girl do to make it better (besides being clean down there)?

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What Makes you want to "take" from the behind? (guys & girls)?

What is so attractive about taking girls from behind? What does it feel like? Is it Better than the front? Is it Hotter?

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why do guys enjoy fingering a girl ?

. Why do boys like fingering girls ? How does the whole process goes ? Everything from making out to sticking his finger in . and how do guys react to it ?

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Do guys always get turned on when a girl sits on his lap?

does he deffinitley get turned on or hard? like can a girl just siit on a guys lap as friends and nothing happen?

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how girls mastubrate

how girls mastubrate

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how can I turn my guy on?

how can I turn my guy on?

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Why do guys like to watch girls fingering them self?

Why do guys like watching girls finger them selfs. Personally I think its nasty but other girls enjoy doing it, I've never fingered myself before but have had thoughts bout doing it, but I cant stand the thought of doing it to myself so why do guys lik...

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Do guys like it when girls moan when making out?

And when other things are going on? I.e, last night my boyfriend and I were making out and he was feeling me up and touching me all over the place haha, and I moaned here and there during it. Do guys like it when they do or no?

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Guys during bjs where do you like to cum on girls?

When a girl is going down on you where do you like to cum? In there mouth, on there boobs, on there face? I have heard a lot of weird stuff about that so please answer I'm curious.

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Why guys always start by wanting to finger girls?

I really needs to know I mean it brings no pleasure to them (the guys lol).and they always like to start off by wanting to finger you, is it like a test to see how tight your girl is? What? Please tell me if you know

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Where should a girl out her hands on a guy when they're making out?

It's my first time so HELP!
My boyfriend finally wants to make out with me and I want to but he has experience unlike me.
What should I do with my hands?
My lips?
Any tips are great but especially with where I should put my hands.


When a guy fingers a girl do they like the smell of there fingers?

Hellooo, Im 14 years old and my boyfriend is 15 and he wants to finger me I want him to as well but im scared that his fingers will smell afterwards! Do guys like the smell??
he is NOT pressuring me to do it! Please HELP!

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What are some tips on fingering a girl

What are some tips on fingering a girl

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Girls: eaten out or fingered?

Eaten out or fingered?

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How do you "feel up" a guy?

is there such thing as feeling up a guy?? if so how do you do that?

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How do you know if a girl is horny?

How do you know if a girl is horny

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Does it hurt when a guy cums in you

Does it hurt when a guy cums in you

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