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What are games to play with my boyfriend over the phone?

quick question what are some games I can play with my boyfriend over aim or the phone thanx ~kaitlyn~


how do you play the nervous game on a girl to make her squirm in a

I really need to know how to play the nervous game on a girl, what do you do? eg, how do you touch her to make her squirm, etc?

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Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Does anyone know any good games,(besides the nervous game) I could play with my boyfriend, because everytime we hang out we end up just watching a movie???

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Truth or dare game questions

Me and my boyfriend play truth or dare ovr texting. Wut are some good truths or dares?


What should I ask when playing 20 Questions with my crush?

IM playing 20 questions with a boy I really like... what should I ask... and hurry lol


How to moan on the phone?

When a boy asks you 2 moan on the phone what do you say what kind of sounds do you make when you moan would he like or not I want 2 kn0w how 2 m0an on the phone and what 2 say when I moan


Cutes name to put your boyfriend under on phone

what is a cute name to put your boyfriend number on your phone?? instead of puting he's name what are some cute names I could put instead?? I've got it As Babes at th emoment but thats pretty boring:P any ideas

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I'm Playing 20 Questions With a guy, what to ask?

Got any good idea's on what to ask... I am out of idea's.


By the way, we totally like eachother, so if that gives you any idea's on what else to ask.. :)


Phone Truth or dare

see me and this guy named Logan are really good friends. We play truth or dare over text a lot and I am running out of things to dare him to do! lol He always picks dare and I have almost nothing left. can you give me some embarrassing dares? I am 17 a...


Why does my husband get mad at me for looking at his phone???

Ok here we go. I have been with this guy for 3 years now. In the past I have caught him talking to other girls. So every now and then I go through his phone just to see whats in there. But he gets so mad at me when I look through it. We are married now...

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How do I beat him at his own game?

Hey guys...crazy question but lately my boyfriend seems to be playing games with me. Il msg him wheni know hes not busy and he'll take forever to reply (he usually replies right away)...he just keeps playing all these cat and mouse games to see how far...


Does a guy like you if he always answers your phone calls?

Ok I like this guy and I think he likes me. Everytime I call he always answers the phone, maybe on the first ring or whenever but he always answers the phone. I rarely ever get to his voicemail and if he does get a missed call he always calls me back. ...


Freaky texts

How to be freaky to a guy on the phone
But not too discusiting
Just play freaky mind games with him
What do I say?


make your boyfriend horny

how do I make my boyfriend horny over the phone

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Why did he lean his head on mine?

the guy I like, and the guy who everyone thinks likes me
has been letting me lean on his shoulder. And when I did, he leaned his head on mine. and
another time when I was leaning on his shoulder he played with my hand and just tickled it lightly.



What should I ask him?

Im playing 20 questions with my boyfriend, by text what should I ask him?? Pleaase give me some questions.


How can I ask a guy to a dance in a cute way?

OK I'm asking this guy to my turnabout dance but I want to do it in a cute way and he plays soccer too..can you help me please? ...need ideas

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How can I tell if shes horny

I cant tell when my girl is horny or not cause she'll play it off some times and if thats true then how do I get her horny with out touching vagina boobs or butt

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Will the Doctor know if I've touched myself?

ok well my boyfriend and I have been goin out for some time..and well about a day ago we were on the phone and we were talking about some things that we wanted to do..and he told me he wanted to eat me out and finger me...he then asked me to finger mys...


Why do I wanna suck a dick so bad?

About 2 days ago I gave a guy head for the first time.during it I wasnt not having fun,but it wasnt the best,but now,I wanna suck a guys dick soo badly...wats rong wit me..ugh.

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What to say to a guy to turn him on?

okay so I have the relationship with this guy over the net and we talk over the phone (I know most people think that's lame, but I really like him)... and I want to say some things that'll get him turnd on.. any ideals?


Why do guys while kissing, get hard yet dont pull back?

What I mean is when kissing a guy they tend to get hard and usually they pull away from a girl but...when I makeout with my boyfriend I feel his you know what :) but he pulls me closer and harder. What does that mean? I just wanna know other peoples po...


What do people mean when they say you have a fat vagina (pussy)?

Well I was talking on the phone with this boy I talk to and he asked me if I had a fat pu*sy so I was wondering what is that supposed to mean and is it good. Also is iit good to have a "deep" pus*y I always hear that too please help me out!! Thanx

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How can I fist myself?

Hey I'm an 18 year old girl and I've been pretty horny for the last few hours and I really wanna fist myself. I've heard it feels so good so please tell me how. if you don't want to write it in a answer just fun mail me. please and thank you, Jay. :)

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Being Fingered

I always worry about stuff, if I'm not sure about something, and this was just playing on my mind. My boyfriend fingered me, and I could hear a loud squelchy noise, and when he pulled his fingers out, they were really wet, and had white gooey stuff on ...


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