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Erection strip club

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Midget strip club?

Would you let your boyfriend go to one to go see 'his buddy have his
Socks knocked off' and have a good laugh at it?
Or no?
Would you go to one?

I don't know afterall they are midgets..which I think are cool! ;)

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How thick should a erect penis be?

How thick should a erect penis be?

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How to keep him from having a erection so soon?

How to keep him from having a erection so soon

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How to make the guy have an erection?

How to make the guy have an erection?

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Is there a treatment to stop erections?

can you show the treatment to stop erections.


for which football club does ronaldo's wife play?

for which football club does ronaldo's wife play?


Is there a way to keep yourself from getting an erection?

Ok, is there a way to keep yourself from getting an erection?!?!?

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who, I'm so depressed, my dad just went to the strip club?

with his "friends" and these two women because they convinced him to when my mom was at church. my mom called the lady's cellphone and she's a FUkKING BIG ASHOLE. she won't let my dad go. my dad doesn't even wanna go. my mom's downstairs crying. I was...

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How do guys hide an erection??

I'm curious.

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What are causes for not staying erect?

What are some reasons why a boy's penis can't stay erected?


Do all men have an erection when they wake up?

Do all men wake up hard/with an erection every morning?

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How can you get an erection when there's nothing to arouse you?

how can you get an erection when theres nothing around to arouse you?

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Girls and erections

Why are girls wierded out by guys when they get erections. ps I am not talking about all girls

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Is it cheating when your husband goes to strip clubs?

I'm married and my husband went to a strip club. I know he loves me but it bothers when he goes to strip clubs. We have a baby, I tell him time to time, would'nt you rather spend that money on your family, take us out or buy your daugther something uns...

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painfull erection?

does it hurt when a guy is about to cum but is disrupted and doesnt?

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when I grind with a girl in a club or what ever...

does she want me to have a boner or not? or does it depned on the girl?

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How to increase an erection time?

How long does an erection stay and how to increase it thru diet and excercise


keeping nipples erect

I have trouble keeping my nipples erect when I'm fooling around w/ my boyfriend. What can I do?

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How do you get an erection?

Umm this has been on my mind. How do you get a erection? Like how does it get hard?Do the muscles contract or something?

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Was I wrong to say no to stripping?

If a guy asked you to stripe what would you say I said no, and he dumped me. Was I wrong?


I have trouble with erections

whenever I hug or kiss my girlfriend I start to get an erection immediately, how can I stop this?

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does this look like a dudes erection?

ok so a dude who is horny for me say down there looks liek this - 8=D

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What exactly happens when a guy gets erect?

what is it when a guy gets erected?? like i know it makes his penis bigger but what is the prosses to do it and like how is it done??

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Erection problems

I keep on getting a erection at the worst of times and I was just wondering if anybody has a technic to make it go down or something.


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