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When a guy eats you out, what does the girl do?

What do you do when a guys eats you out?

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How can I get my girlfriend really horny?

How can I get my girlfriend really horny?

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what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better?

what should I eat to make my natural juices taste better??

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Do most women like eating out other women?

Do most women like to be eaten out by other women?

Just wondering about the percentages of women who do.


What can I do if my girlfriend's parents won't let her date me?

I am a 16 year old guy, and I have been dating my 16 year old girlfriend for the past 4 months. We get along great and all, but her parents are EXTREMELY religious and will not let her date! I cannot have a normal relationship with her because we have ...


my girlfriend is so tight , how do I lossen her up?

she so tight and I can barley fight my fingers in her, how do I strech her out?

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How do I finger my girlfriend?

I dont know how to finger my girlfriend like I dont know what moves to do so I need help

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How can I tell if my girlfriend is wet?

How can I make my girlfriend wet? also how can I tel if shes wet? fanx :-)

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I'm not gay but I want a girl to eat me out

I'm not gay but I want a girl to eat me out do that make me bi but I don't want to kiss her are nothing else are eat her out I just want her to do me and that all

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im 14 yr old whn I tried to put my penis in my girlfriend's vagina but it I

im 14 yr old whn I tried to put my penis in my girlfriend's vagina but it is not inserting ...

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How do I get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her?

I wanna get my girlfriend super wet without fingering her.
What should I do?
And how can I get her wet over the ph0ne?

Please help thankz

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Does it gross out guys to eat a girl out?

So, are guys like, repulsed when they eat a girl out? Do they do it just to please girls, or is there some enjoyment there? what can a girl do to make it better (besides being clean down there)?

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How to get your girlfriend to touch you/ let you touch her?

the perverted way... I want to feel her breasts and finger her and for her to touch/suck me. help?

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How do I know if my girlfriend is a hoe?

my girlfriend is 13 and is half black she has already lost her virginity and we've kissed how do I know if shes just now a bad hoe..?

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What is the best way to finger my girlfriend?

I have fingered a few of my girlfriends in the past but the first one didnt really like it but then my second girlfriend was luvin it. can anyone help me.

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Eating out a girl

Okay so I was wondering what a vagina tastes like because my boyfriend has wanted to eat me out but I dont let him because I feel disgusted by what it might taste like, so what does it taste like?

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Why does it sting my lips after kissing my girlfriend?

When I kiss my girlfriend (best thing ever) I'm fine but awhile after my lips sting. Could it be from chapped lips or something? Input helpful thanx:)

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How does eating a girl taste?

Well my boyfriend wants to eat me out but I'm afraid it will taste nasty to him and that would be kinda embarassing don't you think.but how does it taste?do you boys like doing it?do you like the taste or dislike it?

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How do I finger my girlfriend to give her maximum pleasure

I need some tips on how to give my Girlfriend maximum pleasure, I've kinda fingered her while licking her out but it's easier to do because I can make her wet easy, I just need some tips on how to get her started

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How do I get someone to eat me out or finger me?

I really want to get to be fingered er eaten out im not ugly and im 14 so what should I do,Ima girl duh lol;p

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What moves can I try to go further with my girlfriend?

well me and my girflriend have been going out for a while now and the farthest we have gotten is making out and me feelin her up I need help on what other moves I should try and what else should I do when I makeout or somthin like that


if you were a parent where/do you hide your condoms

if you were a parent where would or do you hide your condoms bc my boyfriend and I go to the gas station everyday to buy condoms they only come in a 3 pack and its becoming verrryyy expensive.


How will cum taste if I eat tangerines instead of pineapples?

I eat a lot of tangerines and im like a fiend for them but I've been told and read that pineapples make someones cum taste better will tangerinse also do the same?

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How I will get to know that my girlfriend is virgin?

I made the physical relations with my girlfriuend one time but bleeding was not there.After making the physical relations with someone once ,is it possible that still her hymen is not broken?

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