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Dry hump technique

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How to dry hump on your own?

ways to dry hump on your own

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what is dry humping?

what does dry humping mean?

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How to dry hump and what are the risks?

how do you dry hump, what are the risks, and what does it feel like


How do I dry hump without my boyfriend?

how do I dryhump a item not my boyfriend?

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Dry humping

Can you cum by dry humping a pillow if so how? lol im trying new things

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How do lesbians dry hump ?

My mates keep asking me .. How do lesbains dry hump .. what should I say.. ??

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Is it wrong to try dry humping a pillow to get an orgasm?

Hi well,, my friend said to me that she almost dry humps a pillow well rubs her vagina against it and it gives her the best orgasm ever,, would it be wrong to try it ?? and is it wrong to do it in the first place ??? by the way she is 14

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What does it mean when my boyfriend dry humps me?

We've been dating 7 months, and he wants to wait till marriage, and I don't, but I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. Last night he came over, and we started gettting into it, and we started dry humping. Does that mean anything? Like does it mean he might no...

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How do girls hump a pillow?

how do girls hump a pillow in bed, naked so it feels good? step by step

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Whats the difference

Is there a difference from grinding and dry humping? and if so what is it??? And how do you dry hump correctly??

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Does it take a long time?

Does it take a long time for you boyfriend to become hard/cum while dry-humping? Or is it just simple pleasure?

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How does this feel to a guy?

Ok so I just wanna know how if this feels good to a guy.
Me and my boyfriend were getting really horny the other day so he started dry humping me,which felt awesome to me. The he lifted me up around his waist and kept humping...I came prbly around 4 t...

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Is this just me being horny?

When I'm on top and my boyfriend and I are dry humping, I can make it all the way until I get this really good feeling that goes throughout my whole body.. mostly my torso and legs. When I feel intense I'm pretty sure he does too because he makes me go...

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how to ride a dick

I need help on some new techniques

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What are some way to feel like I am putting my dick in a pussy?

I want good ways to feel like I have my penis going in and out of a vagina. Im 15 and im tired of humping pillows.

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I need kissing advice

Ok im 14 and I need some advice on kissing I kissed my boyfriend once or twice in like 2 months and I don’t think he enjoyed it. I need some kissing techniques!!! So help me!!

Coolgirl <3


Why do I always have to pee after fingering myself?

Every night I finger myself before I go to sleep.. After I have done it why do I always feel like I have to go and pee.. Also what are some good techniques of fingering to make it feel even better but less painful!? PLEASE HELP

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Why did he touch my lips that way?

The guy I am dating did this, I licked my lips walking down the hall way and he stopped me came real close to me and with two of his finger gently touched my lips, I think there were shiny and he got that off of me and gazed into my eyes. Ok, was thi...

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How can I make handjobs more enjoyable for him?

So my boyfriend hasn't ever gotten off by someone else giving him a handjob. I've come close a couple of times. I hate not being able to make him cum, and hes getting frustrated because I wont let him do anything to me until I can get him to cum. If an...

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