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Destroy someone car

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How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?

How can I get my ex girlfriend dropped from my car insurance?

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Girl who work on cars, a turn on or off?

Do guys find a girl who is feminine and girly yet likes to work on cars a turn on or off?

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Don't want to destroy our friendship

ok 1 of mi friends who is a boy just asked me out he said that he has always lyked me and is single but I dont know what 2 say because I see him as a friend and if I say yes what f we break up and than were not friends no more so I dont know what 2 say...


Why doesn't she let me walk her to her car?

okay so here's whats on my mind...I always ask to walk my girlfriend to her car when she gets a ride home but she never lets me...usually just brushes me off, I have asked her if she is ashamed of me but she assures me she isn't, we really love eachoth...

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How do I have a good makeout seesion in the back of my car?

I have an SUV and my boyfriend and I made out on the backseat once. It wasn't too comfortable and he couldn't easily finger me or eat me there a different position or way that I can make this easier? It is hott when we just move right to the ...


What colour make your car stand out

Okay, so im doing up my vauxhall corsa opel 1996. like the one in my pictures, its gonna have that body kit.. and I was just wondering, what colour should I get .. I cant make out my mind what colour the car should be.. I really like the flip paints, b...


What did I do to make him destroy the friendship we had?

Honestly this isn't about love or relationship. It is really about a close friendship with a guy friend of mine who just so happens to be my ex boyfriend. Three years ago he and I dated for 2 months we fell in love too fast and the break up was horribl...


issues with a friend .. need some advice from you people

Ohh now read this and tell me if this can be a friend, best friend.

Today cause of the snow a mate lets call him L(14) and with a another guy P (14)came around my house to go out and play with snow snow ball fight.

So we went out on my road an...


Ferrarri or husband

I just bought myself a new ferrari its nice. But my husband got mad and he said eather your stupid car or me! I was like you are MAD! I love my car but I love you in a different way. But he says that im spending more time in my car than with him he say...


How to show sympathy to my friend?

My friend Taylor's mom was in a car chrash last night. How can I show my sympathy???

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what i do when he lies to me all the time ?

All the time he lies to me i was in my office or i was working but two time i find out he was not picking up the phone in his office and his office door was locked and his car was outside . when he came back home he said he was not in the office and ...


How should I get back @ my boyfriend for his awful prank?

Ok so when I got out of work and was about to get in the car, I realized that my boyfriends car was gone and there was some broken glass where I had parked it. So I was all upset and filed a police report and when I got home,the car was sitting in fron...


Is she coming back

Well I got into it with my girlfriend mother I cursed her out but I felt bad about and apologized she is 5months pregnant and she called me last week and said what she was having but have not called back everysince I brought her a car in her mother and...


What to guys talk about with their friends?

I'm just woundering... Do they talk about girls? Do they talk about cars? Guhhh it makes me wounder... What goes on threw there heads...???

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Why was he looking back at me, but freaked when I made eye contact

Today as we were walking out of class this guy (who I noticed stares at me a lot) kept looking back at me. He stared at me for a while and when I made eye contact with him he turned around and started to walk really fast. Then when school was over I wa...


where should the punishment be?

A woman here left her 18week old baby in the car while she ran into a shop to bay off a Bill. The car was semi-visible, & the baby had taken long time to finally get to sleep. She decided to leave her in the car, as was just for a minute & plus, she co...


What would happen if a cop caught you?

what happens if a cop cathces you in the back seat of the car? does he jus tell you to stop? or what? does anybody know?


What does tongue kissing feel like??

I always see people doing it everywhere,at school on t.v. At the pool in the car everywhere,is it really that great?

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What can I do about my cheating wife?

my wife cheated on me and filled for divorce in september and rented a house and didn't tell me and left me the day after thanksgiving and we have 3 kids and I had to move in to my moms basement I have no money she took it all and no car she didn't pay...


Will she get back with me

My girlfried and I am going through promblems with her mother me and her are going to have a baby in feb I cursed out her mother and now I feel bad about it now they have a restraining order against me now and change they number but she called me and t...


How do I get my boyfriend to try to get a job so he can see me?

he dont hav a car and he would hav to pay his bff for a ride any where unless he was coming this way

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Fiance Died

My fiance died in a car accident. His name was Max. I want to know what you guys think: would he be mad if I found someone else, or would he be happy for me?