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Flirt with your cousin

How to flirt with your cousin

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My cousin gets me naked, not once but twice...y?

I went out swimming once with my cousins and in the pool I had a muscle pulled, so a cousin of mine who is a doctor came with me to see if I was fine.he massaged my back and offered to help me change because I was unabl to get up.I was getting a little...

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Im in love with cousin, how should I know she loves me too?

Im in love with my cousin and I dont know if she is in love with me. How should I know she loves me too and is it best I tell her I love her or wait for her to tell me that she loves me? If I should tell her, what should I say?


When and how should I kiss my cousin?

ok so as you can guess I like/love my cousin a LOT
she is turning 16 this December and I am 13(but very very mature for my age)
tho she isn't a normal 16yo she is mature smart beautifully goofy and well she is the perfect girl for me and for a very l...


How do girls hump a pillow?

how do girls hump a pillow in bed, naked so it feels good? step by step

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Do I have the right to tell my boyfriend not to go to raves?

Everytime he goes to raves he uses drugs, i really dont want him to get back into them and i dont want the risk of him overdosing and the thought of half naked women around him as he is high repulses me but it makes him so happy, so should i let him li...


Is it true when a guy touch your hair/head, means that they like u?

He's like 3 to 2 years older than me. I'm 18. And he only does that to me.

He also showed some gestures/signs that makes me think that he likes me. He's my friend's best friend btw.

1) He looked at me for no reason at times.
2) He touched my hea...

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