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Flirt with your cousin

How to flirt with your cousin

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My cousin gets me naked, not once but twice...y?

I went out swimming once with my cousins and in the pool I had a muscle pulled, so a cousin of mine who is a doctor came with me to see if I was fine.he massaged my back and offered to help me change because I was unabl to get up.I was getting a little...

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What should I ask him?

Im playing 20 questions with my boyfriend, by text what should I ask him?? Pleaase give me some questions.


Im in love with cousin, how should I know she loves me too?

Im in love with my cousin and I dont know if she is in love with me. How should I know she loves me too and is it best I tell her I love her or wait for her to tell me that she loves me? If I should tell her, what should I say?


What should I ask when playing 20 Questions with my crush?

IM playing 20 questions with a boy I really like... what should I ask... and hurry lol


How can I ask a guy to a dance in a cute way?

OK I'm asking this guy to my turnabout dance but I want to do it in a cute way and he plays soccer too..can you help me please? ...need ideas

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I'm Playing 20 Questions With a guy, what to ask?

Got any good idea's on what to ask... I am out of idea's.


By the way, we totally like eachother, so if that gives you any idea's on what else to ask.. :)


questions I can ask in a truth and dare

ok theres a truth and dare thing coming up and I am crap at thinking on the spot so please can someone give me questions I can ask in a truth and dare thing aswell as dares I can give to do. btw this aint like the kiddy things proper adult thing.


Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

I've been dating my boyfriend for three years now. The details to our serious and loving relationship don't even need to be said. To be blunt and get to the point, I just want to know if it would be OK for a GIRL to ask a GUY to marry her. If yes, i...


When and how should I kiss my cousin?

ok so as you can guess I like/love my cousin a LOT
she is turning 16 this December and I am 13(but very very mature for my age)
tho she isn't a normal 16yo she is mature smart beautifully goofy and well she is the perfect girl for me and for a very l...


What does tossing off mean and how do I do it?

yesterday my boyfriend asked me toss him off what does it mean and how do I do it?


should I let my boyfriend suck my tits?

My boyfriend ask me can he suck my tits. And im not sure what to say. So thats why im asking someone else.

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How do girls hump a pillow?

how do girls hump a pillow in bed, naked so it feels good? step by step

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How do lesbians dry hump ?

My mates keep asking me .. How do lesbains dry hump .. what should I say.. ??

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What are some dirty truth or dares?

I need so truth or dares to ask some guys over texting like they can be sending pikks and videos and they can be very very very dirty


When I got fingered my boyfriend said I was so tight is it a bad thing?

k so I've never been fingered and before my boyfriend asked me out he asked me what I did and I just lied and said I was fingered before so now he likes me a lot and we've been dating for 3 months so he fingered me last night and said I was really tig...

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Can fingering my vagina break my virginity?

Im 29 years old single.I just want to ask if fingering my vagina can break my virginity and break my hymen

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Would a girl like if a guy jacked off to her and nothing else?

So my girlfriend asked me if I've ever jacked off before and I said yes because I never want to lie to her..she means a lot and even thought I didnt want to tell her..I did..and she asked me if I watched porn and I dont and I think she might be wonderi...

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How to moan on the phone?

When a boy asks you 2 moan on the phone what do you say what kind of sounds do you make when you moan would he like or not I want 2 kn0w how 2 m0an on the phone and what 2 say when I moan


What is the best way to turn him on

What is the best way to turn my boyfriend on? I am very confortable with him so any suggestions will be great. I would just ask him but I want it to kinda be a surprise. Like if I ask him hell be like oh and not get as excited as he would if it were a ...

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Is a 2.5 inch penis normal for my son?

My son suddenly asked about it and while he did that, in my mind I laughed but I thought he is really serious so I found this site.


What does it mean when I guy gives a girl a stuffed animal?

Today leaving a get together with friends which a guy friend asked if I wanted a ride to and picked me up, going out of his way (backtracking) to do so. We picked up another friend (a guy & his best friend) on the way to meet up with everyone else. Whe...


How can you make another girl finger you?

Am 14 years old and am bi. I dont want to loose my virginity to my boyfrend so I want a girl to finger me but I dont know how or who to ask?

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What is a hybrid vagina?

I was on this porn site (bang bros) and they ask what kind of gal you wanna see,and they have the choices of hybrid,innie,and outtie.. wtf is a hybrid vagina?

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