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Do guys care about breast size?

do guys care about breast size? what sizes are nice?

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How do you undo a front-clasp bra?

My new girlfriend always wears bras that do up at the front which has had me confused lately... I've never struggled with bras before and can easily undo them with one hand or two but have no idea about front clasp bras..

anyone got any tips on how to...

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15 years old, what will my girlfriend think of my small penis?

I am 15 years old and am just starting puberty so my penis is pretty small and I only have a little bit of pubic hair. My girlfriend really wants to give me a handjob, but to be honest, I am worried what she will think of my penis. My penis is only abo...

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Can I make his penis larger without him knowing?

My boyfriend and I have been having s*x for a while and his p*nis is average size. Is there some way I could do something to his p*nis to make it bigger while erect to try having s*x with a larger p*nis?

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Should I take her shirt off?

My girlfriend & I have been going out for a year and a half I she now lets touch her boobs and butt.Well I unstrapped her bra while making out.I was going to take her shirt off but I didn't if I should.I mean if I did that would have been great but wha...

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My Ex-wife Wants Me Back, What Should I Do?

My ex wife wants me back. First of all, we were married 13 years when she started having an affair with a co-worker. She then left me on February 14th, Taking our 9 yr. old daughter. Our 12 yr. old son wanted nothing to do with her for the next year. W...


How can I finger myself and still virgin?

Am an 18 years old, I want to finger myself without losing my virginity, is that possible? Also can I do it in my a** ?

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Married & In Love with another man

Hello please help me im 24 been married for 7 years and I have two little girls but for the last year I have been having an affair and im in love with this guy but I dont want to hurt my husband because I do care for him im so confused please help me P...

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Is it bad 2 have a 3some with you're boyfriend and his brother?

especially wen they are almost 3 years older than you?

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What are some naughty dares to do alone?

Hi I am a 14 year old guy and I need some good dares to do by myself when im bored and they need to be naughty.

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Can fingering my vagina break my virginity?

Im 29 years old single.I just want to ask if fingering my vagina can break my virginity and break my hymen

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How to explain a boob hickey?

I had a boob hickey 2 years ago my husband will not let it go. What is a good excuse to get him off my back?

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Am I too young to be fingered?

OK so im 13 years old and my boyfriend want to finger me...I want him to but im do I shave..or not..and am I to young..I need helppp...

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what to expect when my boyfriend goes into the marines?

so my boyfriend of one year is going to join the marines. we want to get married when I turn 18. he's two years older than me, hes 17 and im 15. I really really love this kid and he really wants to go into the marines. what should I expect? how long of...


How can you make another girl finger you?

Am 14 years old and am bi. I dont want to loose my virginity to my boyfrend so I want a girl to finger me but I dont know how or who to ask?

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trying to finger myself to reach an orgasm

What if I'm only 14 years old looking at porno websites and I can't finger myself because it feels like it hurts? how can I make it not to hurt?

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how big do you think robert pattinsons penis is?

I was just wondering. if anybody knows the real size or found a picture of it online please tell me but if you dont how big do you think it is


Normal to get horny?

hi, im a 14 year old girl and I get really horny, is thi notmal ??
and if so how can I please myself other than fingering ?
help me please asap ... x

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How do I give head to a penis that is really thick?

This guy I like has a really thick piece and its long too. My mouth is average and when i put his stuff in my mouth i can get just a little bit over the head thatz it. How do I get more in?

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My wife's affair

I caught my wife cheating on me with another man about a year ago in which she said that the affair had ended. Well my wife had a baby about 2 months ago and it is half black and we are both white. What should I do, I am having trouble coping with this.

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When a guy fingers a girl do they like the smell of there fingers?

Hellooo, Im 14 years old and my boyfriend is 15 and he wants to finger me I want him to as well but im scared that his fingers will smell afterwards! Do guys like the smell??
he is NOT pressuring me to do it! Please HELP!

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did I lost my virginity??

hello,I have a problem so if you can help me please answer.I am 17 years old,when I had 13 years I put my fingers into my vagina I and one day I tried to prove it if I broke my hymen and my fingers can enter without any problem.I never bleed or anythin...

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Where else can I touch my boyfriend during kissing?

I'm 18. My boyfriend and I make out a lot. When we start, I'm usually laying on top of him. We start out kissing and then he'll pull my shirt up and start rubbing my back and stomach. A little while into it when we get pretty into it, we'll roll ov...


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