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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Your most amazing kiss?

Describe your most amazing kiss! =]

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what is an amazing girl like??

what is an amazing girl like?? give me every detail

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How to be an amazing kisser?

Any tips on how to be an amazing kisser?
Hey, you can always get better :p
Just thought I'd ask :]

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How to give a amazing strip show?

Hey so me and my boyfriend have a lil bet. He won and now I have to give him a strip show. LOL. I havent done that before so I don't know what to do and how to do it so he gets really turned on and horny. Anybody know how to give a perfect one??? = )

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How amazing is your boyfriend or girlfriend?

I love posts like this :) How would you describe how special or amazing your love is?
My boyfriend is simply the best. He's thoughtful, caring, beautiful, charming, amazing , sweet .. and everything any girl could ever ask for <3

your turn :)

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How Do you give an amazing HandJob?

Ohkay, so im really nervous, I've know this guy since we were in Kindergarden, he is my bestfriend and we talk about everything. last night he fingered me for the first time, and I wanna do something back in return. im not sure how to give a handJob. ...

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What is somthing amazing I could do to make my birthday supper fun?

I just need to ! Cause I want my b day to be the best. ( I know I am not getting a lot of presents) :) I am a tomboy if that helps and a vegatarian I can not have a birthday party cause I am redoing my house and I dont want to go anywhere else for it! ...

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How do you kiss a guy in an amazing way??

Okay.. so I've kissed like 3 guys before.. but it ment nothing because I didnt really like them and I was just kinda doing it because I was bored.. well now I really like this kid and he told my sisters boyfriend because they are best friends, that bef...

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how can I give amazing head

I would like to know how to give better head. I do the essentails.. switch possision, teeth(because my baby likes it), variation of speed ect, I know he gets stone when I look him in the eyes, I can go all the way down, I swallow when he cums, I suck a...

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Should I go watch this amazing guy sing?

hi my friend,thanks for the adivce,this guy is amazing,and he sure knows how to talk to me the right way,but I have been hurt a lot,and I was raised not to go after a guy,that the way my parents brought me up,but we have been talking on line for three ...


He's amazing but I dont think he likes me

K so I like this guy and on a scale from 1-10 of how much I like him would be 8. Hes so funny and we laugh at each others jokes and stuff. We can talk easily and we know a lot about eachother. Its just he talks to me about guys and how he thinks blah h...


So theirs this amazing guy but I dont know how he feels

Ok so I really like this guy and we didnt really know each other very well until a few months ago. He doesnt go 2 my school anymore but when he did I thought he was really cute but I was to afraid to tlk 2 him. So finally one day I sent him a message a...


What should I do about this amazing girl

I started talking to her about 2 weeks ago again, her boyfriend moved to north carolina and she doesnt know what to do. We were talking on the phone and she was like "I like you alott" and I metled. Her boyfriend came back up this week after this week ...


What to do if I love two amazing guys?

*Fisrt know I am not a cheater* no matter how many times I've been screwed over I will never screw anyone I care about* and I do not just want to sleep with lorenzo, someone messeged me something about just sleep with him and then forget about it* I do...


how will I know if hes "the one"?

hes amazing and I do love him, and he says he loves me... I believe it, but how do I know if he's the one for me?

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fingering my girlfriend

I need to know how to finger her and make it feel amazing

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cheated =[

yeah so I have an amazing girlfriend but im an idiot and I cheated on her enough said..tell her or no???

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Why do I love guys so much?

Why do I love guys so much? I think they are the most amazing creation on the earth. My obsession with guys is crazy.


I like this really cute guy. how do I figure out if he likes me?

he is Amazing he has blonde hair and plays on the football team

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Are these feelings normal?

im with an amazing guy, and we love each other, but, I've been with other guys before, but I've never felt so sure about a person in my entire life!! hes the most amazing guy I've ever met, but, we havent been together long, 3 months, im worried that ...


crazy over him...

there is this amazing guys that I really like, but we are like best buds.. I really like him but he has a girlfriend... or fudge!!! how do I make him like me instead of HER>>???

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What should I do to ask my guy friend out ?

Kaye well I have this close guy friend and hes amazing and we do like like each other but neither of us have had the guts to ask each other out so how do I ask him ? Or should I wait ?


Don't know how to kiss

Okay, well my girlfriend kissed me the other day, and it was amazing, but my problem is that I don't really know how to kiss her back. Like, making out.

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Get my ex-boyfriend back

How do I get my ex-boyfriend back? It was so sudden when he broke up with me and he was and is so amazing and I really truly badly want him back!!! Please help me!

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How do become that guy that ladys want?

Alright what dose it take to get all the girls. Really im just amazed how some guys do it. There is something in a guy that all girls want. Wtf is it and what dose it take?

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