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when should I kiss him

we stated dating on tuesday and the school year is almost over. I really like him, but I want to kiss him befor the year ends. the last day is friday when should I or if I should kiss him?


how to give hints to my shy boyfriend to kiss me?

my boyfriend is really sweet it has been 3 months and all we do is hold hands I want him to kiss me or hug me I don want to be the first one to do this. how should give him hints that I want to kiss him?

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Is there a way to convince boy to kiss me?

It's my first year of middle school and I really want to kiss a boy but im afraid to go for it because he might reject me. Is there a way to convince boy to kiss me!


Where do girls like to be kissed ? (girls only)

I am going to be with my girlfriend all day tomorrow I just want to know where girls like to be kissed (lips, cheek, neck, forhead etc.)
Where do you like to be kissed ?

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How can you tell if a guy wants to kiss you?

I am just wondering because I have a boyfreind and I havent had my first kiss yet and im 13 and starting school soon. Any kissing tips??


How do you give a memorable kiss?

I want this guy to realize im better than the other girl he talks to so I wanna giv him a kiss he'll never forget.

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How do I get my girl to kiss or makeout with me??

We been going out for 4-5 months and I want her to kiss me but I dont want to force it and I want it to be passionate so please help and were both 13?

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How do I kiss my boyfriend?

so this friday will be my frist kiss. we plan on m*king out (i'm sixteen by the way) and i have no idea what to do. i'm so nervous. please help me, its very much appreciated.
what do i do?


how can I get my girlfriend to be less nervous about kissing me in public ?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a long time but she rarely kisses me at school or out in public because she is nervous. I am asking how to get het to act more herself and loving in public.

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Will it hurt when we kiss since he has braces?

Gross...anyways the guy I love has braces..but I dont like braces! I know they're for his own good but..if we kiss will it hurt? Well just wondering..will it hurt him or me?

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What does tongue kissing feel like??

I always see people doing it everywhere,at school on t.v. At the pool in the car everywhere,is it really that great?

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How to french kiss?

Okay it's not that I havent made out before it's that I need help doing it right. I was told im not that good at making out, any insight on how to help me other than practice?


How do I make a move to kiss him?

I don't know when and how to make a move that I want to kiss him. We've been dating for quite somtime and the only way I got him to kiss me was telling him I wanted to kiss him! I feel so corny. Please help me!!

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is 2 weeks long enough before our first kiss???

ok so I have a boyfriend and we have been going out for about 2 weeks. is that enough time for our first kiss??? and I really have no idea how to kiss or when the perfect time to kiss is because he's like my first serious boyfriend. so can you help me???


How can i get my first kiss?

i am 13 and i have kissed only one person, and that was just on the lips, i want tounge how can i kiss someone, i would prefer a girl opion cuz i am a guy

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How to tell if a girl wants kissed?

Theres this girl that ilike and she likes me but how do I know if she wants kissed sometimes I think she does but im not sure if she does any advice on signs that she wants kissed would be helpfull


How to kiss my girlfriend?

My girlfriend thinks I cant kiss. She hasnt had much experience either so how wld she know. She told me that before us shes only been kissed like 4 times.

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I kissed my boyfriend is my tongue ring infected?

I got my tongue ring pierced 4 days ago and yesterday I kissed my boyfriend and it started to bleed, I was wondering how will I know if its infected and how long until I can kiss ?


kissing and STD's

ok, if you kiss a guy who has like genital herpes or warts could you get it like not only on your mouth?
like could you also get it wartsx or hepes on your pussyy [only from a kiss though]

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Will he kiss and break up with me?? Help!!!

People are scaring me by saying my boyfriend is gonna kiss me and break up with me so I'm scared to kiss him... please help!! Will he do that because he's sweet to me and holds my hand and puts his arm around me

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Why does it sting my lips after kissing my girlfriend?

When I kiss my girlfriend (best thing ever) I'm fine but awhile after my lips sting. Could it be from chapped lips or something? Input helpful thanx:)

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Whats it like to kiss a girl?

Im a 20 year old female and have always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl and maybe do some other stuff. Is it different to a boy?

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What should I do one of my best friends kissed my boyfriend???

She was previosly going out with him before me but she dumped him a few weeks later I asked him out and she started talking to him when I was ill and she just kissed him I was so upset when I found out what should I do ???


Why won't my girlfriend let me kiss her?

I been going out with my girlfriend for 7 months and she wont let me kiss her. I have like 3 times the 1st time I was wasted the other time I did and she giggled. Is there something wrong?

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